eMAM 5.2 Release, Sept 2020

EMAM, Inc. is proud to announce the release of its latest eMAM version 5.2 incorporating an array of new features and functionalities to provide our customer next level of user experiences. This release provides several significant features and enhancements like introduction of "eMAM Cloud" as our latest cloud solution on AWS Marketplace, Alibaba Cloud Marketplace and emamcloud.com, support for more broadcasting tools like BXF and TX processing, more and improved editing tools like Adobe panels, Apple FCP extension, cloud/remote editing with AWS, Lucid Link and Teradici, sequence stitching & delivery, improved project collections, better ingest tools using live multi-camera ingest, edit while capture, improved search, additional storage and archive options and so on. More info of each and every feature is listed below in detail.

Here's a sneak peek at some of the powerful new features and enhancements released in the eMAM version 5.2:
  1. Launched “eMAM Cloud”as its latest public cloud product line which is now listed on AWS Marketplace & Alibaba Cloud Marketplace. Customers can also directly order and subscribe to eMAM Cloud software from emamcloud.com using a CloudFormation template. eMAM Cloud uses cloud technologies to provide intuitive tools, best-in-class security, and compelling features which can be deployed in just few minutes. eMAM Cloud is available both as a Software as a service (SaaS) and Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) models. 
  • eMAM Cloud Service is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaSmodel to manage the digital assets from a central location It offers customers the power and flexibility of the complete eMAM system without the cost of purchasing, installing, and maintaining an on-site installed system and the infrastructure to support it.  This SaaS  option offers accessibility of the public cloud completely managed for the customer. It is available from AWS and Alibaba Cloud Marketplaces and from emamcloud.com for customers to purchase as a direct SaaS solution. eMAM Cloud Services is available in two packages: 
    • eMAM Cloud Service- Preserve (eCS- Preserve) for intelligent archive with AI tagging and universal access of cloud stored content. More storage and users are available at additional cost.
    • eMAM Cloud Service- Create (eCS- Create) is suitable for collaborative production with production asset management tools.  This model is suitable for cloud video editing workflows.
  • eMAM Cloud Platform is a Platform as a service (PaaS) model which offers customers the power and flexibility of the complete eMAM system to run on their cloud infrastructure.  This model is available in the AWS Marketplace or Alibaba Cloud marketplace or emamcloud.com as an easily deployable AMI (Amazon Machine Image) with a configuration interface to connect various AWS micro-services like Lambda, S3, Glacier, Elemental Media Convert, Elastic Transcoding, Rekognition, Transcribe, etc. eMAM Cloud Platform is available in two packages: 
    • eMAM Cloud Platform- Archive (eCP- Archive) for intelligent archive with AI tagging and universal access of cloud stored content. The eCP- Archive gives you web access to AI tagged proxy copies of all your media. You can search, browse, and share and securely download needed content. 
    • eMAM Cloud Platform- Production (eCP- Production) for collaborative production with production asset management tools.  eCP- Production allows editors, artists, and others to collaborate worldwide. You can collaborate from the web interface, while editors and artists can use integrated Adobe Creative Cloud applications (Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign). 
For more info, please refer: www.emamcloud.com

2. Increased support for broadcasting tools: EMAM integrates with Morpheus and ICE from Grass Valley to offer flexible and reliable playout solutions to meet the demands of the shifting media and broadcast industry. eMAM can now easily manage complex playout environments with the introduction of supports for BXF (Broadcast Exchange Format) delivery and TX processing.
3. Diverse and improved editing tools: eMAM now supports additional and improved editing tools like Apple FCP extension, improved Adobe panels. cloud/remote editing with AWS, and Teradici, sequence stitching & delivery etc. to keep your workflows run smoothly. Project collections have also been improved for enhanced team collaboration. eMAM integrates with LucidLink to accelerate your editing process and allows you to access media assets immediately without localizing it. High resolution editing and rendering is now possible using tools like Teradici, which allows you to remotely access the cloud-based workstations to maximize performance and minimize processing costs.
4. Improved Ingest tools: eMAM now supports live multi-camera ingest which have ability to ingest live feeds, edit while capture etc. to improve upon creativity, boost efficiency, and lower the cost of operations.
5. Improved search: eMAM has improved its search function by introducing options like Thesaurus search and improved learning models for face training in the Azure Computer Vision Faces AI for better and intelligent search results. 
6. More storage and archive options: With eMAM’s integration with Qumolo and Storage DNA, it now supports wide range of storage and archive options along with other options like mezzanine purging, deliver to S3 with file acceleration and transfer to AWS Glacier and Deep Glacier.
7. More sharing and control options: eMAM provides options like link & download of external media, a new Classic theme for sharing, more control over your assets with options like add and deliver associated files using “Essence” widget, scheduling metadata, signed URLs, encryption, improved automation tools, OKTA & Azure AD authentication, updated Zapier integration, more Lambda options etc.

eMAM Director interface
  1. Introduced STD and TX group tabs in Subclips. Also, based on the two new subclips widget groups added, the Proxy edit permission for subclips has now been split into two: Standard Proxy Edit & TX Proxy Edit for Standard & TX subclips groups respectively. There permissions are applied at Category, User Group and Asset level.
  2. Option to purge mezzanine files.
  3. Stitch and deliver Sequence: Easily stitch and deliver the sequences as a single file using delivery profiles configured with FFMPEG transcoding.
  4. Option to select different languages for UI culture from the eMAM supported languages such as; Spanish, Irish, Gujarati, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Malayalam, Portuguese, English, Russian, Tamil, Chinese and Arabic.
  5. Introduced“Essence” widget to allow users to attach files (audio, subtitles or other files) to the assets.
  6. Introduced Thesaurus search option for both Basic & Advanced search. eMAM users can now easily manage and configure Thesaurus from the Admin Tools widget. Just add your list of words and create an expansion list and save it. Words added and saved in this expansion list will also be considered when any search is initiated with Thesaurus option enabled.
  7. Highlighted selected asset: The asset selected, now gets highlighted in the Browse widget.
  8. Introduced toggle button in preview player to turn on/off transcript subtitles.
  9. Classic Theme for eSEND is set as default theme for eSend option.
  10. Introduced option to move projects to Collections.
  11. Option to enable S3 transfer acceleration during web upload ingest.
  12. Improved Video Preview player:
    • Multiple audio channel selection support Left, Right and Stereo.
    • Timecode display as an overlay in the HTML5 player.
    • Keyboard shortcuts for Subclips widget: Press "I" key to mark IN or start timecode of a subclip. Press “O” key to mark OUT or end timecode of a subclip. Press “S” key to save the created subclip.
  13. Direct upload to S3 using Lambda ingest profiles.
  14. Option to export the list of existing users to excel in the Admin Tools page.
  15. Included Delivery Profiles tab for Registration forms.
  16. Option to set "prefix" in the Subclip widget.
  17. Archive/restore of assets from S3 to Glacier and vice versa. 
  18. Introduced new field ”Timecode Offset” under the Info tab of the Metadata widget.
  19. Option to search category names in Asset Metadata window.
  20. Partial File restore and delivery from Amazon S3
eMAM Premiere Panel
  1. Introduced options to Link or Stream asset during import.
  2. Improved Sequence Export options:
    • Proxy sequence preview in the Preview widget.
    • A new version of a sequence is created after import and export (with sequence) of the sequence which can be viewed in the File Versions widget 
    • Markers created in the sequence assets can now be imported to the Adobe Premiere Panel.
  3. Real-time upload progress of assets to eMAM is displayed.
  4. Real-time progress of localized files displayed in the dashboard.
  5. Items stuck under each project can now be selected and deleted.
eMAM Photoshop Panel
  1. Introduced option to Import as new layer and Import as new file.
  2. Option to ‘Save’ and ‘Save as’.
  3. Double click on any asset under the Assets tab or Categories tab to open Asset Options window. 
eMAM After Effects Panel
  1. Now export compositions back to eMAM from the After Effects panel.
  2. Settings window changes.
  3. Category & Bin import.
  4. Upload to S3 buckets.
Other Enhancements
  1. eMAM Illustrator panel:Double click on assets displays the asset options pop up.
  2. DeskLink: Option to register DeskLink to avoid prompting for server URL’s with each login.
  3. Super Admin: Delivery sidecar XML to include "Repeater" tag for BXF delivery.
  4. Option in delivery profile to set the destination filename.
  5. Improved Sidecar delivery.
  6. Improved the “Notify” action in the Workflow management.
  7. Included STD and TX type in the Ingest sidecar XML.
  8. eMAM now supports MP3 audio side car files.
  9. Assets in Premiere, Photoshop & Illustrator Panel are now localized using AWS SDK instead of http download.
  10. External assets can be downloaded (HTML) too.
  11. File version upload now supports Lambda ingest.
  12. Asset thumbnail to display red line only if it exists only in archive.
  13. Option to show/hide social media share options has been introduced in the preference XML of the eMAM Director interface.
  14. Purge archived assets in S3.