eMAM 5.1 Release, April 2019

Empress Media Asset Management (eMAM) proudly announced and demonstrated its latest eMAM 5.1 version at the NAB 2019 (Booth SL10224, Las Vegas). Our latest eMAM 5.1 version includes a number of exciting features and refinements that make it even more intuitive to use like support for live workflows, MOS profile 3 support for Newsroom workflows, enhanced REST API notifications, partial file delivery from S3, eMAM panels for Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop, faster and more secure file transfers, scheduled workflows, option to manage links and project colors for Unit Admins, enhanced REST API notifications etc.
Take a sneak peek at the highlights of eMAM 5.1 version mentioned below:
  1. Advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) integrations
    • Microsoft Azure Computer Vision & Face API - eMAM integrated with Azure Video Indexer in eMAM 5.0 and now eMAM integrates with Microsoft Azure to leverage its cognitive analysis capabilities that can process images and return rich information. eMAM uses Microsoft Azure Computer Vision API and Face API to automatically extract insights and generate rich metadata (text, faces, emotions, objects etc.) packages for every image asset in your digital library.
    • Google Vision: eMAM also integrates with Google Cloud Vision to derive insights from your images using powerful Cloud Vision API. It can classify images into thousands of categories (such as, “sailboat”), detects individual objects and faces within images, and reads printed words contained within images. Insights from the images are displayed in the Insights widget as faces of people, keywords and annotations.
    • Google Speech-to-Text: eMAM integrates with tech giant Google to use Google Cloud Speech-To-Text-a powerful AI driven speech tool, to convert audio to text. It can easily transcribe all your audio files, so you can use these transcripts to create meaningful workflows. If you click on any word in a transcript, it will automatically sync the eMAM preview player to that occurrence. Google Speech-to-Text API recognizes 120 languages and variants to support your global user base. Transcripts from the audio files are displayed in the Transcript widget with an option to edit transcripts, import and export transcripts, choose language etc.
    • Google Video Intelligence: eMAM integrates with Google Cloud Video Intelligence to analyze videos and extract actionable insights from them. It can detect entities in your videos including "car", "flower" “Sea” and many others. Google Video Intelligence API can search every moment of every video file in your catalog and can quickly indexes videos stored in Google Cloud Storage. With accurate label detection, shot change detection, video transcription, your video contents are easily discoverable and searchable.
  2. Live Capture workflows: eMAM Live supports live capture, logging, edit and delivery of media for corporate and sporting events. eMAM now supports real- time live workflows with SDI and HDMI outputs. Cloud and on-premise systems can capture live feeds, log, edit and deliver media during the capture process. Live recording assets can be ingested, previewed and played real time in eMAM using a third-party player, Net-X-Player (from Drastic Technologies) for the live previews. Real time captures from network IP video sources to TS, MP4, MXF, etc. files are ingested into eMAM and previewed using the Drastic Net X Player that can play the timecoded, frame accurate files, including RTIN real time files during recording. eMAM uses Net-X-Code from Drastic Technologies as a new Transcoder type for ingest and delivery. Major highlights of these live assets are:
    • Live previews: Live Preview of growing video stream using Drastic Net X player under the Preview widget.
    • Rough cut editing in eMAM Director. You can add markers to the live streaming assets. Also, create subclips from these live assets and deliver them.
    • Quickly generate highlights and delivery media craft editing with Adobe Premiere Pro to social media and VOD platforms.
  3. Workflow Scheduler
eMAM 5.1 version adds a new feature to schedule your workflows.  With this workflow scheduler feature, you can now schedule the execution date and time for a series of workflow actions for an asset using the schedule metadata field. Scheduled workflows can be used to execute actions including delivery, archive, AI indexing, asset purging, changing metadata, API/Email notifications and managing categories/projects. If all the conditions are met, the scheduled workflow action will be performed at the specified date and time. 
  1. Profile 3 Support for MOS Gateway eMAM now provides Profile 3 support for (Media Object ServerMOS protocol. The MOS protocol is used to communicate between the MOS Gateway and NRCS (News Room Computer System). Profile 3 support enables NRCS to make use of the eMAM search functionality. NRCS will now display a search box (separate search boxes for title, description and custom metadata) using which NRCS users can initiate a search. NRCS will forward this search request to the MOS gateway and the MOS gateway will fetch results from eMAM and send it back to NRCS.
  2. eMAM App Manager- One app to manage all Adobe eMAM panels: eMAM 5.1 introduces a new application, the eMAM App Manager- a single app to manage (install, update and remove) eMAM extension panels for all the Adobe Creative Cloud applications mentioned below- 
    • Adobe Premiere Pro
    • Adobe After Effects 
    • Adobe Photoshop (New)
    • Adobe Illustrator (New)
    • Adobe InDesign 
    • Adobe Media Encoder
Just download and install the eMAM App Manager (from the panels download.htm page or eMAM Director> My Account page) on your machine and easily install and remove eMAM panels in just few clicks.
6. Introduced eMAM panel for Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.
7. Signiant Flight- Accelerate file transfers in and out of Amazon storage.
eMAM integrates with Signiant Flight to accelerate the movement of data in and out of Amazon S3 storage buckets. The eMAM Premiere Panel uses Signiant Flight CLI for export and import of assets under Amazon S3 buckets with Adobe Media Encoder as transcoder. 
8. eUstream (IBM Cloud Video connector): Introduced eUsteam (IBM Cloud Video Connector)- a connector application that can be used to push eMAM videos to IBM Cloud Video (Usteam). Now you can create a workflow in eMAM to push the videos to eUstream, which will in turn upload the videos to IBM Cloud Video (Ustream).
9. New storage and archive integrations with Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud, Azure BOLB, Dell-EMC ECS.
10. Partial File Restore and Delivery from Amazon S3.
eMAM now supports partial file restore and delivery from Amazon S3. This will help you to quickly grab the content by restoring parts of the files to their original format, without re-encoding and loading the minimum required source. This will reduce the egress cost by not copying the entire file from S3 to make clips.
11. New Compare widget in eMAM Director interface.  A new widget “Compare” has been introduced to play and compare two different videos side-by-side.
12. Import/Export/Edit Subtitles in the Transcript widget.
13. Introduced Project assets: A “Project Asset” is a placeholder for eMAM projects. These placeholders can be linked to the project files associated with the project. “Project Asset” has no link to the assets or sequences of the actual project. It only represents the project and not its components.
14. Bulk Metadata Import: Empress has introduced Metadata import as an option in the eMAM Director interface to import and update bulk assets with custom metadata. This feature is now migrated from the eMAM Admin interface to the eMAM Director interface.
15. Introduced option to manage Projects and Links in the Admin Tools widget.
16. Local Transcoding using AME: Empress has introduced two new transcoding options in the Premiere panel, Server Transcoding and Local Transcoding using AME. Both will load only the Managed transcoding profiles.It will load the ingest profiles configured with the AME transcoder and AME IP as localhost. Utilizing local transcoding and Adobe Media Encoder as the transcoder, every job submitted to the media encoder will make its respective proxy, thumbnails and mezzanines files in the Panel itself. Using direct copy/upload manager/Flight CLI, the panel uploads the files into their respective folders.
17. Improved Sequence Export options in Premiere panel: A new settings window will allow users to sync all the default AME presets from the media encoder to the eMAM panel. Just click on the Sync icon (as shown below) adjacent to the Transcoding type to sync the presets and users can use these default presets for encoding the sequences from Premiere project.
18. Introduced new “Panel Log” icon in Premiere Panel: A new icon for Panel logs has been introduced near Settings button for improved error logging and troubleshooting. The log files will be written to C:\Users\Public\eMAMPPRO_CONFIG in windows.
19. New Dashboard tab: A new Dashboard tab has been introduced to monitor the status of export process.
20. Added Basic Search in eMAM InDesign Panel
21. Improved the “Notify” action in the Workflow management in the Super Admin interface.
22. IntroducedMetadata Set association with Ingest profile.
23. Improved Delivery Profile options with Group side car delivery and option to “Keep source folder at destination”:
24. Option to update bulk tags.
25. Improved Preview player and audio assets:
  • Multiple audio channel selection support
  • Timecode display as overlay
  • Keyboard shortcuts for Subclips widget
  • Animated Audio Meter (Waveform & Visualizer)
  • Marker support has been extended to audio assets
26. Improved Marker and Subclip widget with Public/Private access options for Markers and Subclips widget. 
27. Search results highlighted in yellow.
28. eShare- Subtitles and platform playback options.
29. eSend- Download All using DeskLink.
30. Introduced new eShare theme- "EmbedRed". 
31. Introduced new theme- "Classic Plus".