eMAM 5.0 Release, April 2018

Empress Media Asset Management (eMAM) proudly announced and unveiled its latest eMAM 5.0 version at NAB Show 2018 (Booth SL8416, Las Vegas). This new version presents a host of new exciting features, enhancements, performance improvements and bug fixes to the existing functionalities. eMAM 5.0 offers improved eMAM Interfaces with features such as Insights and Transcript widget, version and expiry details in the My Account page, ability to switch units, dynamic category download listing, and various other measures taken for improved performance offering better user experience. 
One of the major highlight is the incorporation of AI technology into eMAM through integration with industry’s leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) vendors like Microsoft Azure Video Indexer, IBM Watson, VoiceBase, Amazon Rekognition, HPE IDOL which is a major step to stay abreast with latest technologies and offer our customers the best in class MAM solutions.
Highlights of the new features introduced in eMAM version 5.0 are:
  • Incorporated “Artificial Intelligence” (AI) into eMAMOne of the major highlights of eMAM 5.0 is the incorporation of AI technology to eMAM to give our customers enhanced and powerful media workflows using meaningful insights from the media contents. Two new widgets “Insights” and “Transcript” have been introduced in the eMAM Director interface to harness the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cognitive analysis. Insights from the video/audio assets such as people, objects, speech-to-text, landmarks etc. are automatically detected and tagged which helps users with intelligent AI driven metadata search. These automatically created metadata insights can also be used as keywords under the Basic Search and Advanced Search of the eMAM Director interface.
  • Introduced “eFeeder” as an upload app for iPhone & iPad: A new “eFeeder” app has been introduced as an upload application for iPhone and iPad. eFeeder app works quite similar to Dropbox, Google drive, Onedrive etc. Users can select the files for upload, choose the ingest profile and metadata details and finally tap on Upload button to upload the files to eMAM system from an iPad or iPhone. 
  • Introduced new Transcode Types: With this latest release, eMAM has introduced following new transcode types:
    • Media Convertor transcoder and Elastic trancoder type : eMAM now uses AWS Lambda as an Ingest Manager transcoder service to manage transcoding jobs in the cloud using two types of Transcoder types: AWS Elemental Media Convert and AWS Elastic transcoder.
    • Adobe Media Encoder transcoder type: eMAM has built Adobe Media Encoder panel extension inside Media Encoder to use it as a transcoder. Using Adobe Media Encoder Panel, you can submit jobs to AME queue for transcoding, transcode jobs to proxy, thumbnail, mezzanine etc. and monitor the progress and status of transcoding. 
  • Integration with Cloud Storage service vendors: eMAM’s latest integrated with below Enterprise level cloud storage vendors will provide customers with cost effective cloud storage spaces.
    • BackBlaze B2: eMAM is now integrated with BackBlaze B2 Cloud storage which is a cost effective and high performance cloud service for storing files in the cloud.
    • Amazon Glacier: eMAM integration with Amazon Glacier gives users an additional archive storage option that  allows them to archive older media content affordably. Data is automatically distributed across a minimum of 3 physical availability zones that are geographically separated within an AWS region.
  • Introduced option to create Collection: A Collection can be created to group or club all the inter-related projects. Collections can be created in the eMAM Director interface under Project widget. Editors can create Collections and add related projects to collections to manage, categorize and easily access the contents under different projects.
  • Track your eMAM Version number and component expiry date: eMAM version and component license expiry details are now displayed under the My Account page of the eMAM Director interface.
  • Introduced SAML authentication: With this new SAML authentication, now single sign-on option will be available in eMAM too. Users signed in to other applications under the same identity provider can login to eMAM without entering user credentials. eMAM will not save the user credentials, instead it will communicate with the Identity provider for authentication.
  • eMAM Framework and Database server upgraded to the latest: We have upgraded our eMAM Gateway from .NET framework 2.0 to .NET Framework 4.5
  • Ability to switch between units in eMAM Director: . A new Units section is now displayed under the Settings window. If eMAM user’s account is associated with multiple units, it will be displayed as a drop-down under Units. You can switch to another unit by simply selecting the desired unit from the Units drop down list in the Settings window. 
  • Improved performance during search operations and display of category list.
  • Added “Reports” feature in Admin Tools page: Reports feature is now a available in the eMAM Director Admin Tools page. 
  • Introduced multi selection of assets using check boxes and movement of assets from one Category to another under Category widget.
  • Introduced option to edit and assign Categories under Metadata widget.
  • Introduced Category search and Asset title search under Category widget.
  • Global drop down for the selected assets under Options: These options include:
    • Add Assets to Categories
    • Remove Assets from Category
    • Add assets to eBIN
    • Deliver Assets
  • Introduced status icon for Ingest profiles in the Ingest widget.
  • Ability to select multiple assets using SHIFT key under the Browse widget.
  • Ability to bring saved Markers and Comments from Premiere Panel into eMAM.
  • Introduced Advanced Search option in eMAM Premiere Panel.
  • Premiere panel to display progress of encoding and uploading of files to eMAM: To improve the performance, changes have been made in the way files are encoded and uploaded to eMAM from the Premiere Panel. Different icons have been introduced to show various statuses of encoding and upload of assets Under Projects tab.
  • Introduced Delete files from Source and Delete Files from Storage location after archive option in the Super Admin Console.
  • Introduced Upload manager URL option in the Super Admin console: To overcome geographical barriers while uploading media in a distributed system with multiple servers, a new option Upload Manager URL has been introduced as a server item using which multiple upload managers can be associated with multiple servers. Upload manager URL can now be updated as a component URL for ‘eMAM transcode manager’ component in the Super Admin interface which can be used to associate with Storage Profiles or Ingest Profiles. 
  • Added Notify option for workflows when Ingest status equals ‘Error
  • Introduced "index" option for associate "original" file in XML ingest.
  • Introduced an option to create a place holder using Associate-metadata with asset-id equals 0.
  • Introduced “create-new-version-if-exist” feature in the XML.
  • “Nexidia” widget is now “Avid DS”.
  • Support for SQL 2008 series would be discontinued hereafter.
New Features introduced with subsequent patches are listed below:
20th April 2018 Patch release
  • Introduced new theme "Redtalks" for eShare with an option to upload logo.
  • Introduced "Cloud Upload" as a new Event type in the Workflow management.
  • Added "Purge" as a trigger item under Action Type in the Workflow management.
30th April 2018 Patch release
  • Included Marker description in the Search Markers tab.
11th May 2018 Patch release
  • Added "Storage profile", Cloud Profile, Archive profile, Marker name, Marker description, Subclip name in the eMAM Director> Manage Filters> Search field.
13th June 2018 Patch release
  • Introduced SAML with SSO authentication for Director, Client, Super Admin, Premiere Panel, DeskLink, Feeder and eShare pages.
20th July 2018 Patch release
  • Added Subtitle support for eShare Redtalks theme.
  • Introduced "file-exist-action" option for associate file to perform actions like create new asset, create new version, replace and none in the Ingest sidecar XML.
30th August 2018 Patch release
  • Support for playing multiple embedded audio tracks extended to HTML5 Preview player.
  • Introduced an option to filter extensions (Excluded extensions for Archive Purge) under Manage Storage profile in the Super Admin interface. This will prevent particular extension files from getting deleted when immediate archive with delete file flag is enabled or archive purge threshold criteria met.
  • Added an option "Ingest without embedded metadata" while submitting failed files in the dashboard in the Director, DeskLink, Feeder and Super Admin.
  • Introduced "Fully Purge" as a checkbox in the Director and Super Admin workflow purge options.
  • Support extended for Blackpearl SDK version 3.5.9 and latest version of Vantage (7.1).
  • Introduced "Enable Path Style" option in the Super Admin>Cloud Archive settings.
  • Included new variable "Delivered Filename" in the Delivery sidecar XML management.
24th Oct 2018 Patch release
  • "Download All" option in eShare preview page is now integrated with DeskLink.
  • Subtitle and platform playback support extended to eShare Fluid theme.
14th Nov 2018 Patch release
  • Added "Save As" option in the public search filters under Manage Filters for eMAM Unit Users. Also when user expands the search filter, search filter window is displayed with search field, condition, Value and Operator details.
  • Introduced new header fields with Basic Authentication option in the Workflow Management.
  • Introduced "DELL-EMC ECS" as a new archive destination.
6th Dec 2018 Patch release
  • Introduced new eShare theme "EmbedRed".