eMAM 3.8 Release, April 2017

Empress Media Asset Management (eMAM) announced and demonstrated its latest eMAM 3.8 version at NAB 2017 (Booth SL14509, Las Vegas). eMAM 3.8 offers improved eMAM Director Interface with many exciting new features which enables you to work more efficiently, from a flexible and cleaner interface.  The improved eMAM Director includes features like direct access to admin tools page, a new keyframes widget, multi selection of assets, improved sort options, unit logos, tag management, preview watermarking, and search-as-you-type etc. 
List of new features in eMAM 3.8 are:
  • New admin Tools in eMAM Director
eMAM has introduced an admin widget within the Director Interface to launch a new admin tools page with options to manage users, groups, tags, metadata and site analytics. As an admin user, you no longer need to login to the eMAM Admin Interface separately for admin tools. Note: Only eMAM Unit Admin users will have access to Admin Tools widget
  • eMAM DeskLink
eMAM has introduced eMAM DeskLink, a cross platform desktop application with browse and download options. eMAM DeskLink paves a new way to interact with eMAM for linking groups of assets.  It can act as a download manager and as a desktop asset browser. Using this mini eMAM app, you can download assets from a project or category, view various asset options, apply search filters, and customize your browse with pages and view choice (thumbnail or list).  You can easily install eMAM DeskLink application by clicking on the download option from the projects and categories widgets in the eMAM Director Interface (one time process).
  • Ability to upload custom thumbnails using new widget ‘Keyframes’
eMAM has introduced a new Keyframes widget where you can now upload custom images for videos and make them as the default thumbnail. Browse the thumbnail image file from your local machine and Upload it. You can also set the thumbnail image as Public or Private. This feature is available only for video assets.
  • Username display as overlay in eMAM HTML 5 player
To limit unauthorized copying of the content from the preview window, the eMAM HTML5 player now displays the username and the IP address of the person watching the video as an overlay.
  • Advanced Tag Management
eMAM keeps a central repository of tags that can be managed from the eMAM Admin tools page.As an admin, you can add, delete, and edit tags. 
  • Object Storage integrations
eMAM has now extended support for the object storage integrations such as IBM Cloud Object Storage and NetApp Storage GRID in addition to Amazon S3 and Azure BLOB Storage. We have also introduced custom Service URL and Enable Path Style Parameters for cloud configurations, except for Azure Blob Storage.
  • MOS gateway
Using this new MOS (Media Object Servers) Gateway, eMAM can integrate with NRCS (News Room Computing Systems). Users can interchange assets and placeholders between eMAM and a NRCS.  Based on configuration and workflow, your updates in the NRCS will automatically reflect in the playout system’s playlist.
With this newsroom integration, eMAM offers news stations a complete integrated workflow including ingest, storage, production and editing, story creation, news playout, and archive.   Placeholders will be created by the newsroom system and linked to the media automatically, streamlining workflows and minimizing mistakes.    
  • eShare with new theme ‘Fluid’, Markers, Subclips and Autoplay option
A new theme ‘Fluid’ has been introduced in eShare with additional options for Markers and, Subclips.  The ‘Fluid’ theme uses a HTML5 player for eShare, unlike other themes which have Flash player. Select the Fluid theme from eShare page for the new template and player and click on the subclip and marker checkboxes, so recipients can add subclips and markers to video assets.
A new autoplay option also has been introduced in eShare for both the default and fluid themes from both the Director and Client Interfaces.  You can set videos to play automatically when they are opened.  After the first video plays, the next video will play automatically.   
  • Multiple asset selection from browse widget
You can now have option to select multiple assets under browse widget.  Just click on  icon on top left hand side of an asset and that asset gets selected with  icon. These selected assets can be added to Projects, Categories, eBIN and Delivery.
  • Export asset details from Browse widget
Now it’s easy to export bulk asset details from eMAM system. Under the browse widget, asset details of all the assets (only in List view) can be exported to excel/csv format by just clicking on  icon. Excel/csv format doc will automatically get downloaded on your local machine.
  • Localization option and integration with web uploader in eMAM Premiere panel
To enhance the remote editing capabilities, a new feature has been introduced in the eMAM Premiere panel to localize the assets under Project/Category/Assets tab and export the new assets back to eMAM using the eMAM Uploader. This will help users to work in an environment (home, during travel etc.) without direct connection to the central storage managed by eMAM. Multiple users working on the same project from different geographical region can now localize the assets and work together on the same project. The eMAM panel will keep track of the media and the Premiere projects. Configuration changes are required in eMAM panel settings to use the localization option.
  • Automatic Storage profile management
This new feature allows the system to automatically create the new storage and archive folders based on the content growth. This will avoid the performance degradation related to the filesystem with large number of files inside a folder.  Under the Manage Online Disk- Folders tab, click on the Auto Create Sub Folders checkbox so eMAM will create sub folders automatically when the preset conditions configured in the respective storage profiles are met.  You can also configure the limit type and its value.
  • Monitor Workflows under Live Dashboard in Super Admin
You can now track workflow execution steps live using the Dashboard tab of the eMAM Super Admin interface. When a workflow is triggered, immediately that workflow gets displayed in the live dashboard with a series of its action and statuses. Each asset going through one workflow will be shown as one row. Therefore, if there are 2 active workflows, there will be 2 rows for the same asset in the dashboard grid.
  • Import Subclips as Markers into eMAM Premiere panel
eMAM can now import eMAM subclips as markers in the Premiere panel. You can create subclips and easily pass that information to editors using this feature.  Editors can see markers in Premiere with the subclip in and out points and the text <<eMAM-Subclip>> in the marker description to differentiate it from the actual markers.
  • Edit functionalities merged with Category "Properties"
Category edit functionalities has now been combined with category properties. Edit category option is now removed and instead you can use Properties option for edit functionalities. You can update Category name, Metadata set, permissions, user groups and custom metadata values.
  • Associate Metadata Set with Category
New option is introduced in eMAM system to associate metadata set to a category so that metadata groups and fields with values can be displayed at the category level. (Metadata search functionality at category level will be added layer).  You can create a metadata set and assign it to a category.     
  • New Archive integrations with Amazon S3, IBM Cloud Object Storage, NetApp Storage GRID
  • Status icons for Ingest profiles in eMAM Feeder
While doing ingest using eFeeder, you can now see a status icon next to all Ingest Profiles. Ingest profiles with a Red icon indicates that it has no write permission and hence cannot be used for ingest.  Ingest profiles with a green icon have read/write permission and can be used for ingest. This makes it easier to choose the right ingest profile during ingest.
  • Parameter support in eMAM Director URL
eMAM Director now accepts URL encoded parameters like UserKey, search strings, saved filters and other search parameters. This allows you to make eMAM Director links to embed in a web page. You can easily share these links which bypasses the login page.
  •  “Associate File” option in metadata sidecar xml
Using the “Associate” option in an XML file, you can now associate the Original, Proxy and Mezzanine files to an existing asset or placeholder through the metadata side car XML ingest.
  • Option to ingest through HTTP url’s with Sidecar XML ingest
eMAM now supports files from HTTP url’s during side car xml ingest from http url’. eMAM will get the file from the Url and download the content to the ingest folder. You just need to replace file-path with http path. Files from http url is supported in create-new-version, create-new-asset and associate files.
  • Support for Adobe Team Projects
eMAM Panel now supports Adobe Team Projects where the Premiere project information is stored in the Adobe Creative Cloud. Now Get Media and Share Media options are introduced in the panel to work in the Team Projects environment. eMAM can take the snapshot of the Team Project to share that outside of the Team Project environment.
  • Customize your workspace with a new theme "Slate" 
In addition to our existing themes, eMAM 3.8 version has now introduced a new theme ‘Slate’ for the eMAM Director Interface.  The Slate theme has a fresh look, quite like Mac based color scheme.
  • Category menu items displayed only based on the Category permission
Now the Category menu function list will only display options based on the Category and User permissions. For example, if you do not have Download and Archive permissions, the Download and Archive options will not be displayed.
  • Delete option in Archive dashboard
 You can now remove the failed jobs from the Archive dashboard using the Delete option.
  • Search easily with autocomplete 
eMAM now gives you best-in-class search experience with first-of-its-kind search autocomplete and more contextual search results under the projects and category tabs. As you start typing a few characters in the search box, the search engine starts displaying the best-matching words from the list of already existing projects and categories. This option is also available while adding tags under the metadata widget. With the search autocomplete feature, you can easily find what they are looking for in just a few clicks.
  • MD5 checksum calculation
You can now enable or disable MD5 checksum calculation for files during upload from the web uploader and eFeeder. The asset metadata window includes a MD5 checksum checkbox.  The checksum value will be displayed in the metadata tab of assets. Downloaded and Delivered assets can be cross checked with this MD5 checksum value using third party MD5 checksum tools like WinMD5 to verify the data integrity.
  • Projects and Categories to display its full path under Metadata info
The info tab in the metadata widget will now display full path (parent+child) for both projects and categories of assets.
  • Default ‘marker description’ hint text inside text field removed 
Unlike earlier eMAM versions, you need not select and remove the “Marker Description” hint text to add a marker description.  You can just click on the field and overwrite it.
  • Bulk Metadata update
In eMAM Director Interface, you can now update metadata of bulk assets at the project and category level. Author and metadata set details can be updated for bulk assets under the asset metadata window.                               
  • Search option for Delivery, Archive, Cloud and Purge jobs
Now you can easily search for a job from the long list of items in the queue, using the search field under the delivery, archive, cloud and purge dashboard sections.
  • Sort option for headers fields in the List view
 You can now customize the asset list by sorting column headers fields like title, description, type, size etc. under list view of the browse widget.
  • Option to change the Metadata Set 
Unlike earlier eMAM versions, you can now update/change the metadata set of an asset using the update asset metadata option under the project and categories widgets and in the Info tab of the metadata widget.
  • Option to Sort Metadata Fields
In eMAM Admin Tools page, you can now sort metadata fields –field ID, title, standard ID, etc.
  • Filtered Delivery profiles displayed
Now Admins can associate delivery profiles to users in the eMAM Super Admin interface.  Users will now only see the delivery profiles they have been assigned.   
  • Added "No Proxy" ingest profile
You will now have option to select ‘No Proxy’ as an ingest profile from the eMAM Uploader, if you have been assigned a ‘No proxy’ ingest profile.
  • Select/Deselect all option in Advanced Search window
eMAM 3.8 allows you to select or deselect all items with one click under ‘Search In’ and ‘Refine Search’ of the advanced search window, unlike earlier versions where you had to individually select/deselect all items. Just check or un check ‘Search In’ and ‘Refine search’ checkbox to do so.
  • Easily select Users using sort option while adding a new Project
While adding a new project, you can now easily select users by sorting the list of usernames in the users tab.
  • Easily select User groups using sort option under Category properties
You can now easily select user groups using the sort option under the security tab for category properties.
  • Auto restore of archived files before Delivery
Now if any archived files are selected for Delivery, eMAM will auto restore the file before the delivery.
  • ‘Admin tools’ default display page on login
The admin tools tab page has now been made the default page on login, unlike our previous versions where the projects tab was the default login page. This avoids the slowness of loading all the projects at login. 
  • See eShare comments in Reports
You can view all the eShare comments made by eShare recipients under Reports >> eBin Message Asset Report >> Actions Report.
  •  Introduced a new metadata field type "Multi Select"  
A new metadata field type “Multi Select” has been introduced under custom metadata. This field type can be used to select multiple items from the dropdown list.  You can now easily select multiple list values using check boxes under the custom metadata field. Enable the Select All checkbox to select all the dropdown list values at one click. This feature is available in the eMAM Director, eMAM Admin, eMAM Premiere panel and eMAM Feeder interfaces.
  • Upload Logo for Units
Now you can customize your unit’s eMAM Director Interface with a logo. In the Super Admin interface, you can now upload logos for units under the unit management tab.
  • Option to sort user email id
eMAM Admin users can now sort and look for users based on their email ID’s under the unit management tab.
  • Associate Delivery profile with users.
Super Admins will now have option to associate delivery profiles with users under the manage delivery profiles tab. Under the users tab, just select the users and click Save to associate this delivery profile with the users. Only these associated delivery profiles will be visible to users in the  eMAM Admin and eMAM Director Interface.
  • Default threshold configurations set as 0
The default threshold values for archive and purge are set as 0 (unlimited) under the storage configuration.
  • HTTP URL option and download option if asset exists in Object archive
The HTTP URL option has been introduced to extend the availability of an asset by providing the corresponding http/https URL in the AWS supported cloud location to which it has been archived. A Cloud URL option has been introduced in the archive profile settings.
  • Introduced Asset Info change trigger in Workflow
In addition to custom metadata, Asset Info changes have been introduced as an event type to trigger workflows.  This includes changes in the Asset Info, such as change in the title, description or author.
  • New variables added for Notify action type under Workflow
New variables like Thumbnail, Duration, Bit rate, Frame rate, Tags and File Size have been added to the dropdown list under Notify Action for a workflow.
  • Copy entries from Upload and eMAM Ingest Dashboard tabs
You can now easily copy the entries from eMAM Feeder Upload and eMAM Ingest Dashboard queue. Select the files (selected row gets highlighted in blue).  Press Ctrl+C to copy multiple entries and Ctrl+V to paste at the desired location.
  • Ingest Anyway option to auto rename duplicate files
In the eMAM Feeder, if a file already exists in the eMAM system and you select ‘Ingest Anyway’, the new file will be renamed to real_file_name_1.extension.
  • Associate Metadata Set from Premiere metadata window
In eMAM Premiere panel, you can now update the metadata set of an asset from the asset options window.
  •  Added a new column “Ingested On” under Assets tab
A new column ‘Ingested On’ under the assets tab has been introduced in eMAM Premiere Panel so you can see the date when these assets were ingested.
  • Export from Mac to Local, Network and Volume folder configurations
In eMAM Premiere panel, you can now export assets from a Mac to ingest folders with local folder configurations too.