eMAM 3.6 Release- Feb 2015

This newest release of eMAM, enables users to work more efficiently through the series of integrations, and improves all the eMAM products. eMAM 3.6 includes new features, enhancements and integrations to make your collaborative workflows better and more budget friendly than ever before Some of the upgrades included in this eMAM 3.6 version are:
  1. eMAM Director Interface :  Widget-driven Director interface introduced which gives users the flexibility to customize their interface depending on their roles, their workflows, and their individual preferences.
  2. Metadata Enhancement: Many metadata improvements featuring multiple value types, groups and sets, selective user access, and Final Cut Server migration.
  3. Vantage Integration : Vantage integration in Ingest and Delivery
  4. Front Porch Digital DIVArchive Integration: Integration with Telestream Vantage, Qstar Archive Manager and Front Porch Digital DIVArchive
  5. Sequence Version Handling: In the new Premiere Pro panel, every new sequence exported as part of a project, is saved as another sequence version in eMAM.
  6. Project Check In, Locking and Check Out: Revised Adobe Premiere panel with project check in/out and locking, sequence versioning and more.
  7. Multiple Language Support:. eMAM now supports English, Russian, Tamil, Hindi, Chinese- simplified and Chinese traditional. Users can customize the interface with the language of their preference
  8. FFMPEG Transcoding: Now eMAM Feeder can itself transcode the media files using FFMPEG library instead of depending on the server side transcoding.
  9. Anywhere Integration with eMAM : Support for Anywhere 2.0 with new Anywhere widget
  10. eMAM - QStar Integration : eMAM now also supports QStar archive type in addition to the existing archive types such as eMAM , SGL, Xendata, Atempo etc.
  11. eMAM EZ Setup package : eMAM EZ Setup package is a stand-alone installation package. It is capable of installing SQL server 2012 and all other prerequisites along with eMAM EZ.
  12. Multiple Archive Profile Changes: Combined archive solution with Oracle SL150 and XenData SX-522. On premise and cloud deployment options New eMAM Archive Manager Module with multiple archive/ restore location support and LTFS tape tracking
  13. Browse Source, Browse eMAM, Browse Archive and Browse Cloud in Browse widget: Users can browse the indexed source storage using browse source. Browse eMAM Storage allows user to view the contents in eMAM storage in a folder view. Browse archive shows the assets in archive profile wise. Browse cloud shows the assets in cloud storage.
  14. Share: Share option allows users to share eMAM videos by copying the URL generated from the Director UI and pasting it in a browser to access the video. Using Embed widget, users can share the assets on Social Media as well.
  15. Option to create Public and Private Search filters: Users can create their customized search filter under “Manage Filter” tab to narrow down the search criteria.
  16. Public or Private Workspace: Users can now create their own customized workspace and save them as public or private to limit access.
  17. e-Share : Easily post clips to Social Media venues-Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+