eMAM 3.4 Release- December 2013

This new release of eMAM enables users to work more efficiently through the series of integrations, and improves all the eMAM products. In eMAM 3.4 release, main focus has been on increasing the capabilities for file ingest and pre and post production enhancements. With these enhancements, eMAM is now one of the most trusted and advanced digital asset management tool available. eMAM 3.4 has expanded offerings for archive management as well as support for editing projects and storage. There is also a new Interface with widgets, to simplify the workflow.
  1. New Interface gives flexibility to users in terms of customizing the interface as per their role, workflow etc.
  2. Adobe Premiere Integration for timeline based video editing
  3. Adobe Anywhere Integration that empowers users to work together, using centralized media, across virtually any network
  4. EZStor Integration for cost effective range of storage capabilities
  5. eMAM HTML5 player- Allows many different functionalities such as options to create subclips, markers and annotations. This player can handle multimedia content on the web without having to resort to proprietary plugins and APIs.
  6. eBIN for iPad
  7. eSEND for Android
  8. Atempo Integration for preservation and protection of digital assets
  9. eMAM Feeder support for direct ingest of H.264 for playback, annotation, markers and rough cut functionalities. Feeder now has Login screen instead of license file, multiple user support, editable and multiple gateway support for a single user, online-offline mode, proxy ingest, logout, add project/ add category and additional panel with File, Settings and Help options
  10. SMTP settings from Unit and User level
  11. Simplified eMAM Delivery Service Workflow
  12. Original and proxy enhancements in Transcode manager
  13. Conditional search in eMAM Director
  14. Asset Status display as online, nearline or offline
  15. New custom eBIN Excel report for the selected asset belonging to the specified project and category