eMAM 3.3 Release- June 2013

In eMAM 3.3 release, main focus has been on increasing the capabilities for file ingest and pre and post production enhancements. With these enhancements, eMAM is now one of the most trusted and advanced digital asset management tool available. eMAM 3.3 has expanded offerings for archive management as well as support for editing projects and storage. The updates include:
  1. Offline Tape Tracking in Flashnet -FlashNet offers the content storage solutions. eMAM can track the offline tape information through dashboard now.
  2. Integration with FileCatalyst- File Catalyst has been integrated with eMAM Feeder and eMAM Director for high speed file transfer. File Catalyst provides High-speed upload of the content.
  3. Integration of Adobe Premier Pro with eMAM helps in the pre-production workflow
  4. Xendata Integration as an new Archive option in the eMAM System
  5. eMAM Android/iPAD Apps with several new features including basic and advanced search, search filter and sort, eSend and approval, asset preview with full screen, display and add comments, asset rating option, metadata display with edit options, history of asset, subclips with different options, markers, and embed.
  6. Changes in eMAM Transcode Manager to export assets from Adobe Premiere Pro to eMAM. Users can also ingest proxy files not only from Premiere, but also from Anywhere.
  7. Windows 2012 Support- Users can install eMAM on Windows 2012 OS.
  8. FilmStrip View- A new interface for eMAM Director which highlights features such as Markers, annotations etc. It also highlights different aspects of the UI design.
  9. Category Options- To add, edit and copy category has now been included in the drop down menu under the Categories tab.
  10. Bulk Approval Option- Users can now choose several assets, and send them for approval in bulk using ‘Assets Option’ in the top navigation panel.
  11. Ingest Anyways- Users now have the option to resubmit files without making preview copy, and ingest anyway
  12. Product qualification with third party technologies – The release marks the integration with several third party technologies including Xendata, Adobe and FileCatalyst.