eMAM Release 2.8 - April 2010

Empress at NAB Show, April 2010, Las Vegas
New York, April 2010: Empress Media Asset Management, LLC announces release of its flagship product eMAM version 2.8 at the National Association of Broadcaster (NAB) convention from April 10-15.
eMAM 2.8 offers enhanced functionalities and capabilities for Restore and Archive Management. Key features of this latest release include:
  • FCP XML Export for Project sharing- eMAM can be used to keep assets in a centralized location. In order to edit project in Final Cut, eMAM uses XML file with a link to original media so that Final Cut can access it. ‘Export’ option allows user to download and export FCP XML (Final cut pro XML) of all the assets belonging to a project. Users can use ‘Export’ option to download the Xml sheet of all the assets belonging to a project.
  • Integration with SGL Flashnet to manage large LTO library archives-
  • Partial Restore Functionality- Partial restore allows users to restore subclips from the archived video file. Partial restore option restores only the required portion of the video file. This functionality allows the end users to utilize LTO tape drives inside a robotic tape library more effectively by reducing restore time as well as minimizing online storage required.