eMAM Release 2.5 - November 2009

Empress Media Asset Management, LLC announces the release of eMAM 2.5 digital asset management platform at the HD World Show.
New York, NY November, 2009: Empress Media Asset Management, LLC announces the release of version 2.5 of its eMAM™ enterprise digital asset management software. Demonstrations of eMAM™ can be seen at this year’s HD World Show. The latest release incorporates several exciting new features and integrations, enhancing the capabilities of eMAM and enhancing processing time and user experience. Here is what’s new in eMAM 2.5:
  • New eMAM Client interface- The new light weight web -based Client Interface is ideally suited for the end users to preview and share content.
  • New eMAM Gateway Web Services based on SOA (service oriented architecture) principles.
  • New eBIN Message functionality for sharing and distribution of the rich media assets.
  • Introduced Markers- Markers are used to identify important sound or action in a sequence or clip. Marker can be added manually in a video clip at any desired location in order to simplify the navigation within the project and associate information at a specific video timeline.
  • Integration with Rhozet Carbon Coder- Rhozet Carbon Coder is a universal transcoding application that facilitates the transfer of media between acquisition, editing, playout, archive, Web, mobile and more.  .
  • Merge the Video and Audio tracks for Delivery
  • Introduced Panasonic P2 content archive workflow- eMAM Feeder and eMAM Transcode Manager can now detect contents from the professional Panasonic camera, , and archive the content after preparing the preview and extracting the metadata.
  • Closed caption support in eMAM Player - eMAM extracts that data from the video files and exports that as TTML (Timed Text Markup Language), and the close captions are loaded from the eMAM player.