eMAM Release 3.0 - April 2012

Empress Media Asset Management, LLC announces the release of version 3.0 of eMAMTM digital asset management with more exciting features. These features include Marker, MAC Feeder and enhanced mobile preview, in addition to improved storage and retrieval functionality and added security using LDAP authentication. 

Here is a list of new and improved features of eMAM 3.0:

  1. eMAM has extended eBIN message preview for mobile devices. When the user opens an eBIN message, the interface automatically changes depending on the device being used. The new interface is optimized for touch screen displays and uses H.264 MP4 video for video playback and MP3 for audio playback. There is also a PDF preview for supported documents and JPEG preview for various image formats.
  2. Marker is a new feature introduced in eMAM. A marker can be added manually in a video clip at any desired location in order to simplify the navigation within the project and associate information at a specific video timeline. A marker can be used to identify important sound or action in a sequence or clip. The new marker functionality helps the end users to add markers with start time, duration, marker name and comments. This information is searchable using the marker search functionality associated with advance search. Clicking on the marker icon will eMAM has included the option to perform archive, restore and delivery functionality at the category level. Assets inside the selected category and subcategories will be added to archive queue, restore queue or delivery queue based on the selected parameters and operations.  This new functionality will allow the end users to dynamically change the job priority when they archive and restore the assets belonging to a specific category or subcategory. 
  3. Archive, restore and delivery functionalities have been included at the folder level. This functionality is suitable for the clients who want to manage their existing project folders in the eMAM system. It is possible to keep the folder hierarchy intact within eMAM system irrespective of the storage location; whether it is in disk storage, LTO or in the cloud. Client have the option to deliver or restore this folder from the archive to any network, FTP or SAN storage location.
  4. The new eMAM Feeder includes embedded database support to extend the resume and local queue functionality, ability to add new files during the upload and an improved progress bar. These features will significantly improve the functionality of eMAM Feeder. When a user adds files/folders, these files /folders information is stored  in the embedded database in the local machine. Previously, these files (along with their metadata) were stored in the memory (RAM), resulting in high memory utilization and loss of data in the case of shutting down of eMAM Feeder. Now, these files (along with their metadata) are being stored in an embedded database, which increases system performance and reliability. The advantage of this architecture is, eMAM Feeder can retreive the information from local embeded database even though the system is started after an unexpected crash.
  5. eMAM has added support for MAC with its enhanced eMAM Feeder technology. This tool is mainly developed to meet the need of Final Cut Pro editors to export the rendered files from their editing project into eMAM along with metadata. This new tool allows the editors to upload their daily work to eMAM for review & approval and later entire project folder to eMAM for archive.
  6. Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTMP) Support- eMAM has implemented streaming URL with the aid of RTMP, a protocol developed by Adobe. eMAM can use the Wowza media streaming server, the Adobe Flash media server or the Amazon streaming distribution for implementing this feature. eMAM now supports frame accurate rough cut (sub clips) and marking functionality using Flash VP6 flv files. This is achieved by adding RTMP support in eMAM players. eMAM now supports both progressive download and RTMP streaming. Streaming offers following advantages:

a. Frame accuracy- Users can skip to next frame by clicking the Next button. It is possible to pause the video at every frame. Rough cuts (sub clips) and Markers can be precisely placed on a frame. 

b. Fast Forwarding Videos - Users can now fast forward or jump to another section of a video, and play the video from that point onwards. 

c. Video content Security via temporary video link - Streaming makes it extremely difficult to save the viewed content at client’s side, and hence is useful for content owners who like to maintain strict control over their content. 

d. Reduced bandwidth- Allows users to serve more streams with less bandwidth.

7.     Advanced Search Panel with Enhanced Features: New search panel contains advanced search features and a tab for marker search. New Advanced search features are:

·         Search In- Instead of running the search over the entire metadata fields associated with the asset, users can select the metadata fields from the “Search In” option and run the search.

·         Full text can be enabled or disabled. Full text search can be used to enable the meaning search.

·         Search can be done by selecting multiple asset states- Users can specifically search for assets in a particular state.

·         Include sub categories- Search can be now done in sub categories. 

8.     LDAP Authentication as a part of eMAM Feeder: The clients with LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) authentication now have a feeder license file with their LDAP credentials integrated in it. 

9.     eMAM has improved its server components to handle network failures. Improved services will automatically continue the operation when a failed network connection is restored. Generally this will avoid the interruption in the eMAMTM services.