How to export using Premiere Pro?

Premiere Pro / eMAM Export process:
  1. Save the Premiere Project, if not already saved automatically.
  2. Click the Export button. Select the project export path (last saved path by default).
  3. eMAM checks to see if the project is already in eMAM.  If yes, the user is prompted to create a new eMAM Project or update an existing eMAM Project.  eMAM tracks different versions of projects.
  4. Select project metadata, files to be imported to eMAM sequences to be transcoded and named as a new asset, proxy quality and transcode options, categories, tags and custom fields. During this process, transcoder options can be selected such as, Adobe media encoder or eMAM Managed (server) Transcoding. Various ingest profiles are available.
  5. When all options are selected and set, click Add to export, otherwise click Cancel to abort