Editing Feature in eMAM

The online eMAM library provides access to the entire library of current and historical content so editors and non-editors alike can find the best material for the current project, whether it is onsite, in the archive, on the shelf, in the cloud, or in another location. eMAM users can search and preview media, organizing clips into projects from the web or tablet interfaces. They can also sub clip, mark, annotate, and make sequences. 
Editors and artists can use integrated Adobe Creative Cloud extension panels for Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign to access projects created from eMAM users and the entire library of eMAM content, along with the eMAM tools. They can check out or localize native resolution or mezzanine edit versions of media. Using mezzanine versions for editing can speed media transfer to ease traffic on a local network or allow editing for media stored remotely or on the cloud. Finished sequences and media added locally can be shared back into eMAM.
From the extension panel or the eMAM interface, users can send review and approval emails with a video player. Recipients can add comments and markers and approve/disapprove workflows, which can trigger messaging or workflows from the system. After final approvals, editors can finish a project by conforming with native resolution media. If it is stored in the cloud, then this can be done with a remote cloud desktop using a cloud service or a Teradici PCOIP connection.