How to perform Subclip delivery of asset that exists only in Glacier Archive?

This article explains how to perform subclip delivery of asset that only exists only in Glacier Archive.

Follow the steps described below to perform this delivery action:

  1. From the eMAM Director interface, manually restore the asset which needs a subclip delivery. In the Browse widget thumbnail view, click on the Restore icon (as shown below) to restore the asset.
  2. Choose Expedited as the Restore tier.
  3.   Then check the Archive dashboard make sure the restore job is successfully completed.

    4. In the File Versions widget, check the asset location to ensure the asset is in Standard tier.

  5. Now In the Subclip widget, create subclip from the restored asset and save it.

  6. Click on Deliver to deliver the subclip to the the sub-clips to the desired location.
7. Monitor the Delivery dashboard to see the status of subclip delivery job submitted.