Task IDTypeDescription
10990TaskOption to upload headshot (photo) in user profile section
12214TaskGenerate signed URL in workflow action module.
12326TaskOption to upload the user profile photo in eMAM Director
12356TaskDisplay the user profile photo in eMAM Director My Account
12358TaskChanges in cloud config page not to update the super admin url if public-hostname metadata is not available.
12370TaskDisplay profile image in comment widget.
12367TaskChanges in AEFT panel to show proper icons for different types of projects and sequences in assets tab
12360TaskAdvance search option in AEFT Panel
12337Change RequestChange the message displayed in Premiere and AFT panels when an archive/ restore done in panels
12405Change RequestChanges in Director to get lambda ingest Gateway URL from component servers.
12406Change RequestEnable Session for GetUsers webmethod
12325Change RequestChange request to clear previous version notes from update project screen while exporting a new version in AFT
12377Change RequestRequest to change the message displayed in AFT, when a partially exported project is tried to import back to panel.
12382BugIssue with exporting a project using the Premiere panel, Offline assets getting picked up for panel export.(2C2-2A574188-0069)
12387BugIssue with project assets, are not getting deleted properly.
12398BugImporting of SRT file which contains Hebrew characters are not recognized in Transcript widget.
12371BugIssue with "Today-n" options in Date pop-up controls in Advanced filter search.
12376Bugissue with the eShare feature, "Web Download" option available even when download option is disabled in eShare(01A-2A584807-0077)
12327BugIssue with Search filter showing uncategorized if the browse widget is in Category mode.
12331BugIssue while ingesting a duplicate file into eMAM to the same category using eFeeder and web uploader (1BB-2A365E73-0083)
12343BugIssue with changing the column heading from Asset ID to Asset_ID to match the upload template
12260BugIssues with the Lambda archive while archiving more than 10 files (272-29FEECD5-003C)
12317BugIssue while updating the Capella transcode response status to eMAM DB.
12322BugIssue with Web download all - Unable to download assets having non printable characters in the filename
12335BugIssue with Premiere project showing eMAM icon
12336BugIssue with advanced search option, that the keyword is not populating in search bar after we search in advanced search option
12368BugIssue with project Version Type getting changed from After effects to Premiere when Force-checking-out an After effects project
12369BugIssue with AFT "Delete localized assets from workstation" option
12384BugIssue with exporting a project using the AFT panel, Offline assets getting picked up for panel export.
12399BugIssue with exporting a long name asset leads to the mismatch of alignment in exporting window of premiere panel
12400BugIssue with exporting a long name asset leads to the mismatch of alignment in exporting window of AFT panel
12361BugIssue with Force Check In of a premiere project having different versions(297-2A4F2950-002C)