Task IDTypeDescription
11893TaskInclude "User" column in assets reports in Admin tools.
11894TaskIntroduce "view history" option for assets in admin tools reports.
11895TaskMake the assets reports to be exported as csv and export all the data.
11888Change RequestHide the upload option for eMAM Desklink
11890Change RequestMake eMAM panels compatible with Adobe 2022 updates.
11889BugTimeline Preview not working for sequence with live encoded assets.(036-2909A363-003D)
11899BugSSO not logging "user license exceeded" error
11708BugAn error code is being displayed while loading Marker metadata for unit user.
11777BugWhen we click on the update metadata button, the list value is also getting updated again which is triggering the notification(0EB-2883BE56-004D)
11814BugIssue with deleting eMAM Project Sequence(1E4-28A7F60F-0050)
11824BugEnable word is duplicated in a message while clicking settings in Player
11848BugError in Director while uploading folders with extra space in name using Net X Code and ingest path is UNC.(3DC-28D607E9-0011)
11863BugNothing is being displayed in the category option in the search filter widget(1F3-28F73093-000E)
11866BugWhile editing the the project the the author name is different from the entered one
11879BugeMAM Upload Manager not updating the author for instant assets.
11882BugUnit user cannot access Marker metadata(027-29055F90-003A)
11883BugAE projects display wrong icon in Project versions widget.