How to remove assets stuck in the Uploading Status from the Premier Panel.

How to remove assets stuck in Uploading Status from the Premier Panel


Sometimes during an export, either Premiere can get crashed or due to some unexpected errors, export will not happen properly. Even then the panel will make entries in the ingest queue with status uploading, and user will not be able to remove these entries from dashboard. 

In these scenarios, if user again tries to do export after rectifying the problem that caused the export error, panel will show the warning that, files with those names already exists in the ingest queue (entries created in the last incomplete export) and cannot proceed without renaming those assets.

To remove these entries from the queue, we can use another option available in the panel.

When importing a project, the panel will automatically check if there are any files associated with this project which is still under processing. If yes, the panel will show warning to user that some of the assets are not uploaded. This window also has the option to delete such files from the ingest queue which are still in uploading status.  We can use this feature to remove the files, which are stuck in the ingest queue in uploading status.
Note: Only Unit Admin can perform this action.

Please have a look at the step by step process of doing this.

Step 1: Suppose we imported a project and added some new assets into it and are exporting it back to eMAM

Step 2: Exported terminated halfway.

Step 3: If the user tries to export the project again, a warning message will come, saying “assets with same name already exists in ingest queue”.

Solution to overcome this error.

Step 1: Go to the Projects tab and find the project you tried to export earlier.

Step 2: Select the project and the force check-in option will be enabled

Step 3: Force check in the project. If project is not in checked out status, skip this step. 
Step 4: Select the project and click on Import.

Step 5: Select the last version for which the error happened and click on Ok.

Step 6: Now a pop up will be displayed with the list of files in the ingest queue with uploading status.

Step 7: Enable Select all check box and click on Delete icon on the top right.

Step 8: Panel will show the entries deleted from the queue.

Step 9: Now again select the project and force check-out the project. Make sure the correct Premiere project is opened in Premiere.

Step 10: Now the project will be in checked out state and, can proceed with export again.

Step 11: Now all the new files will be again listed for export

Step 12: Panel will start to process them again