Apache Tomcat version upgrade

Apache Tomcat Version Upgrade
  1. STOP the  eMAMUploadManager service
  2. Backup the eMAMUploadManager folder
3. Download the Apache Tomcat latest version from the below link and extract the downloaded zip 

4. Once extracted, you will be able to see the contents shown below

4. Delete the conf folder from the extracted folder(apache folder).

5. Copy and paste  conf folder from the eMAM upload manager folder to the extracted folder(apache folder). ( Copy mosgateway.properties  if it is present in the upload manager folder)
6. Delete the contents from webapps folder of extracted(apache) folder.


7.Copy  ROOT,emamupload manager.war , emamuploadmanager, readme from webapps folder of  upload manager to the webapps of the extracted folder(apache)( Copy also  eMOS.war if it exists in the webapps folder)

8. After completing the above steps, replace all contents in the existing upload manager folder with that of the extracted folder(apache) contents.
9.Start the Upload Manager service
10.Check and confirm whether the eMAM upload manager URL is running or not.