How to add user presets in Adobe Media Encoder (AME)?

Please find the steps below to add user presets in AME:

1. Select the Preset Browser tab in AME. Under User presets and groups, you can see the user presets. If the preset is created in some other locations, you need to import the presets to the Media encoder first.

2. Right-click on the desired user preset and choose the Reveal preset file option.

3.Copy the full path of the folder containing the presets.

   C:\Users\panel\Documents\Adobe\Adobe Media Encoder\14.0\Presets (here panel is the user)

4. Go to C:\Users\Public\eMAMPPRO_CONFIG

5. Open the eMAMConfig.json file.

6. Find presetPath in the JSON file and add the user preset path within it. There will be already a path for system presets. Add user preset path after the system preset path. It will look like this:

"presetPath": [{

"path": "C:/Program Files/Adobe/Adobe Media Encoder CC 2019/MediaIO/systempresets"


"path": "C:/Users/panel/Documents/Adobe/Adobe Media Encoder/14.0/Presets"


7. Now save the eMAMConfig.json file.

8.Open the eMAM Panel and in Settings window, choose sync options.

9. Now choose the user preset and try to export.