Mezzainine attachment through the xml ingest.

 For the mezzanine attachment through XML ingest, we are creating a workflow triggered by a button metadata.

For this, We have to create 

1) XML ingest profile

2) Delivery profile

3) Workflow to trigger the delivery

1) Login tho the eMAM Superadmin interface using the credentials

2) Under the Ingest Profile tab, Create an XML ingest profile. as shown in the figure.

Xcode type should be selected as SidecarXML ingest from the drop-down. Here Transcode server is selected as FFMPEG. It can vary depending upon the client.

We have to provide an Ingest path for XML ingest.

 Ingest login an Ingest password should be given there. For more settings, can use Advanced settings.

After the settings are saved, please restart the ingest manager service.

3) Under the Delivery profile tab, Create a delivery profile

The delivery type should be selected as Transcode delivery from the drop-down.

Video and audio parameters should be given in the video and audio settings or mezzanine creation.

It will vary depending upon the Transcode server.

We have to check include assets and include sidecar files.

Besides include a sidecar, there is an option to create a sidecar file.

eMAM user key will be obtained from the director interface, Admin tools widgets.

Edit the unit admin user

Then after entering the password, we can generate the user key used for the sidecar file.

There are various variables used in the sidecar file.

We use one variable for asset id, the Ingest action chosen is associate metadata and another variable for version id.

We can use variables upon our requirements under the variables option.

The associate file type is chosen as Platform and platform id changes depend upon the mezzanine count.

The file name is given a  variable.

The file path should be the same as the ingest path.

After saving the sidecar file, save the delivery profile.

Restart the delivery manager service.

3) We are using Button metadata to trigger the workflow for delivery.

For creating button Metadata, Go to Director Interface> Admin tools

Here a Button Metadata is created, Create Mezzanine.

This metadata is associated with a metadata group.

4) We are creating a Workflow which is triggered by the Button Metadata we created.

Given a workflow name and select the Button metadata created before.

We select the conditions for both audio and video assets, and when it satisfies that it gets delivered using the delivery Profile we created before.