How to update eMAM panel versions for Adobe applications using App manager?

If there a change in the eMAM Version , you will be prompted to update the eMAM extension panel to the latest version with an Update button.

Adobe Premiere Pro
a.    Click on the Update button displayed for the Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

b.    You need to give the Adobe Extension Manager permission to proceed further.
    Windows: Click on Yes.
    Mac: Enter the system logged in username password and click OK.

c.    Latest extension panel gets downloaded and the Extension Manager Dashboard will display latest “Extension installed successfully” message.

d.    After successful installation of the latest eMAM Premiere Panel, it will only display the Remove button with an Up-to Date icon.
Similarly, you can update eMAM Panel versions of all the Adobe applications displayed. Note: Update button is only displayed is there is an upgrade in the eMAM version.