What are subclips and how to use it?

A subclip is a section of a master (source) clip that you want to edit and manage separately in your project. The Subclips widget in the eMAM Director interface allows users to create a smaller clip from the original video. This widget is available only for video assets. This widget allows a user to mark one or more set-in (start) and set-out (stop) points in a video file. These subclips can be dropped into a timeline for later editing in Adobe Premiere.

Subclips widget is grouped into Standard & TX tabs (visibility of both tabs to users can be controlled at permission levels (Standard proxy edit & TX proxy edit permissions)). Subclips listed under Standard tab & TX tab can be used for XML delivery.At the bottom of the Subclips widget are the buttons to ADD, SAVE, DELETE, DELIVER and EXPORT. 
  • ADD: This function will create a new subclip. In the Preview widget, the video key appears with the player button.   To create a subclip, the user can click on the set-in ‘{‘button on the left. User can then choose the set-out point in the video with the ‘}’ button, which will determine the length of the subclip, also indicated by a yellow line.
  • SAVE: This will save the current subclip. Subclips are NOT saved automatically so name the subclip and click on Save button to save it. You can choose group type as Standard or TX and save the Subclip as Public or Private. By default, Public radial button is enabled.
  • DELETE: Click on Delete will delete the selected subclip (also by clicking the “x” in the upper right of the clip name box). Users can select subclip (s) in the Subclips widget by checking or un checking the box in the upper right of the subclip name. A confirmation box appears to confirm the delete action.
  • DELIVER: This button will deliver the selected subclip(s) to the chosen destination in the selected format.   eMAM will trigger the transcoding of the original/native video file and make a new version for delivery without affecting the original file.  The user needs to select one of the available predefined delivery profiles.  A subclip must be saved before it can be delivered.  
  • EXPORT: Click on Export button will export the XML code for the subclip.