How to get the User Key for the XML files?

A user key can be obtained from eMAM Director interface>Admin Tools> Manage Users> Edit User> Manage UserKey tab. 
Admin users will have option to generate the Userkey of any user using that user’s password. 
To generate user key of a user:
  • Select the user and click on the edit icon.
  • Select Manage UserKey tab.
  • Enter Password (user password)
  • Confirm Password (user password)
  • Hit Generate button. 
  • A userkey and auto login Director url gets generated. 
  • Users can use the copy button to copy user key and auto login director url.

This user should be associated with at least one ingest profile with ‘SidecarXMLIngest’ option enabled in order to use the sidecar XML ingest option. Otherwise, an error will show up in the dashboard “user xyz is not associated with the ingest profile”