What is eZapier?

eZapier is eMAM-Zapier connector.
Zapier is an integration platform to connect with other apps (500+ apps), automate the tasks and get better results. Zapier moves info between web apps automatically. Zaps are automations created using triggers and actions. You can use Zaps to connect any two Zapier-supported apps to each other. 
eMAM is now integrated with Zapier. Creating Zaps will help customers to bring the content from various platforms (Dropbox/Google Drive/One drive etc.) to eMAM or push the content from eMAM to these platforms based on the workflow trigger created. eZapier (eMAM Zapier) connector communicates with the chosen app in Zapier to perform the automation tasks. Users can activate/de- activate the Zap created by turning it ON or OF. 

eg: Zap – GDrive to eMAM (All files coming to a specific folder in Google Drive will be ingested to eMAM automatically with title, description and tags). 
  • Create a Zap with Google Drive as Trigger app and eMAM as Action app and turn it ON. 
  • When a new file comes to Google Drive (rules can be set on zap to filter the content), it will trigger the ingest function in eZapier (connector application). eZapier in turn will download the content into eMAM user's selected ingest folder and update the eMAM Gateway to trigger the ingest action.  
  • File gets automatically ingested to eMAM from the Google Drive.  
  • Here trigger is the new file coming to the Google Drive and the Action is ingest to eMAM. 

Also, a workflow trigger can be created in eMAM to send the asset details to eZapier and in turn eZapier will send the details to all the respective zaps. Those zaps can push the content from eMAM to Google Drive and similar kind of platforms. Similarly, multiple automated workflows can be created based on customer needs by integrating eMAM with different apps in Zapier.