How to filter assets in eMAM based on the asset storage?

You can easily filter assets based on storage locations using below options:
  1. Browse widget: Under Browse widget, you can filter assets using any of the below:
  • All: If you select All, eMAM will display all the assets in the eMAM system irrespective of its storage location.
  • Storage: If you select Storage, assets will get filtered to display assets under eMAM storage's configured in the Super Admin interface.
  • Source storage: Source storage will display all the assets that were restored to the source location during ingest (when process from source is enabled).
  • Cloud Storage: Could storage will display all the assets stored in the cloud.
  • Archive: Archive will display only the assets that were archived to various archive locations.  
2. Advanced Search: In the advanced search, select below to search assets based on asset state:
  • Online storage: Online storage will display assets in the current active online storage.
  • Archived: Archive will display assets that have been moved from the online storage to a far storage/pre configured archive locations..