What are the various product lines offered by EMAM Inc.?

eMAM has five product lines: eMAM Vault, eMAM Publish, eMAM Workgroup, eMAM Enterprise, and eMAM Cloud.
  • eMAM Workgroup: eMAM Workgroup includes all of the features of eMAM, including production asset management for the collaborative production of media. There is an option to add additional business units, essentially separate systems with different branding, users, and content within the same database to support organizations with different divisions or different external customers.
  • eMAM Publish: eMAM Publish adds additional tools for sharing finished media. These include review and approval, social media sharing, and branded eBIN emails.
  • eMAM Vault: eMAM Vault provides complete archive and storage management with most of the features of the eMAM system. Users can use partial file restore with supported archive systems. Users can search media for download or delivery with transcoding to any location.
  • eMAM Enterprise: The flagship product, eMAM Enterprise has software installed on multiple servers to provide for redundancy and scale. eMAM Enterprise supports all features of eMAM with unlimited business units.
  • eMAM Cloud: This public cloud product line is ordered directly from a cloud ecosystem, first launching with the AWS Marketplace. Organizations will either provide their own infrastructure and services with the cloud provider (eMAM Cloud Platform-PaaS) or will have eMAM and the cloud provider manage everything (eMAM Cloud Service-SaaS).
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