How to download an asset? What are the different download options available in eMAM?

You can download an asset using any of the below methods: (Note: You can download assets only if you have associated permission.)

  • Individual asset download: Hover mouse over the asset to highlight download option. Click on download icon to download the asset. This will download a copy of the asset to the user’s local hard drive or network drive. A pop up will appear and there may be several options for desired file format (e.g., original file or low resolution proxy copy).  The user can click one of the download buttons to initiate the download. 
  • Using DeskLink app: Download assets under Projects/Categories and eBIn using eMAM DeskLink app. eMAM DeskLink can be used for dynamic downloads with dashboard option where you can see the progress and status of all downloads made by you.

    • Click on Download option under Project/Category or eBIN menu option. eMAM DeskLink window opens up(if not installed, install it)
    • Choose the location for download and download the desired assets from Project/category or eBIN.