What is eMAM Publish?

eMAM Publish
eMAM Publish creates an online library for your video assets, whether they are stored in local storage, in the archive, or in the cloud. Web and tablet based tools allow you to manage and use your content from any connected device. eMAM Publish adds additional tools for sharing finished media. These include review and approval, social media sharing, and branded eBIN emails. eMAM Publish usually uses two servers: one for transcoding and another for streaming.

  • Adaptive: scales or re configures easily as needs grow or change.
  • Connected: inter-operable with many third party systems to provide integrated, automated workflows.
  • Universal: manages any combination of local and cloud storage locations with easy web and tablet management.
  • Easy: simple interface for technical and non-technical users, clients, and the general public.
  • Secure: use organization security (active directory) processes and granular permission settings to control access and permissions.