How to use "Thesaurus" in Basic search and include additional column fields in the basic search purview?

To enable Thesaurus for Basic search, follow the steps below (only for eMAM Version and above):
1. Open "C:\Program Files\Empress Media\eMAM Director\web.config". 
2. Search for the key "BasicsearchBehaviour"
3. Change the value of "BasicsearchBehaviour" to "thesaurus" 
   eg :   <add key="BasicsearchBehaviour" value="thesaurus" />

Case Scenarios for Basic Search

Asset 1: Title: Child
Asset 2: Title: You may go
Asset 3: Private Tag: He went to church
Asset 4: Public Tag: She is gone
Asset 5: Description: Children are playing

Case 1
Basic Search word: go 
Expansion Set: went, go, gone, goes
Search results When Thesaurus enabled: Asset 2, Asset 3, Asset 4
                        →When Thesaurus is disabled: Asset 2         
Case 2
Basic Search word: child
Expansion Set: children, child, kids
Search results When Thesaurus enabled: Asset 1, Asset 5
                        → When Thesaurus is disabled: Asset 1

Case 3
Basic Search word: play
Expansion set: play, playing , played
Search results When Thesaurus enabled: Asset 5
                        → When Thesaurus is disabled: Nil

To Include more column fields, we can add the following IDs separated by coma:

1. Title = 1,
2. Description = 2,
3. Author = 3,
4. Ingested by = 4,
5. Asset tags = 5,
6. Comments = 6,
7. Closed Caption = 7,
8. Embedded Metadata = 8,
9. Custom Metadata = 9,
10. Asset Id = A,
11. UUID = B,
12. Marker = C

This feature can be enabled by updating some changes in the eMAM Director configurations.Please follow the below steps to do the changes.

a) Go to, C:\Program Files\Empress Media\eMAM Director.

b) Locate the file 'web.config',from the eMAM Director folder,and open it in Notepad++.

c) Search (Ctrl+f in notepad++)  for the text 'BasicSearchColumns',

d) Add the field values within the quotes followed by coma according their search.(<add key="BasicSearchColumns" value="1,2,5,6,9,c" />)

e) Save the changes and close the file