What are the different view options available for assets in the Browse widget?

eMAM has below view options to display assets in the Browse widget. These three view types can be selected from the upper left-hand corner of the widget (from left to right) to suit your personal preference: 
  • Thumbnail view: Under thumbnail view, assets are displayed as small image representation of a larger image, which makes it easier and faster to look at or manage. 
  • List view: The List View displays more of file/asset information like Tile, Description, Type, Size, Ingested On, Category, Status, Author etc.
  • Filmstrip view: Filmstrip view displays assets as a strip of film composed of different images shown as slides. List of assets in the Browse widget gets displayed as filmstrips which highlights features such as Markers, annotations etc. This is mainly for video assets, making video assets functionalities easier and more user friendly.