How to install App Manager?

You can also download and install eMAM App Manager directly from the eMAM Director Interface following steps below: 
  1. Login to eMAM Director interface. Go to the green radial Settings button and then click on My Account
2. A new window opens up for My Account. On the left-hand side, click on Apps tab. 
3. Click on App Manager and based on your machine type, click on Windows or Mac button to download eMAM App Manager Set Up file.

Install eMAM App Manager Set Up

  1. Once the App Manager Set Up file is downloaded on your machine, run the App Manager Set Up installer.
  2. App Manager Set Up Wizard window opens up. Click on “Next”. Follow the instructions to complete the installation process.
3. Click on “Next”. 

4. To confirm installation, click on “Next”. 
5. Now confirm installation in your machine by clicking “Yes”. Installation progress bar appears.
6. Click on the “Close” button after the installation process is complete.
7. eMAM App Manager gets installed on your machine and you can see the below icon on your desktop.