Is there an option to import bulk metadata to assets in eMAM?

Yes, you can import and update bulk assets with custom metadata. This feature is now migrated from the eMAM Admin interface to the eMAM Director interface.
To import and update custom metadata for bulk assets, you can follow steps below:
a.    In the eMAM Director interface, under Browse widget, you have the option to do the bulk metadata import. You can click on that option.
b. Metadata Import page opens up. Click on Download Template to download the template excel file used for metadata import or from list view get the metadata (Asset id and Custom metadata) details exported as an excel.
Downloaded Template excel file has two headings for columns:
  1. Asset_ID: To get the list of Asset id’s of assets, export the metadata for the list of assets. In the List view, click on Select Column icon and select Asset id and the custom metadata field you wish to update.
Now export this asset list details in CSV format by clicking on   icon.
From this downloaded asset details, copy the Asset ID’s of all the assets and paste it in the downloaded template excel file under asset ID column.
  1. Metadata Standard id: Now replace the Custom metadata headings with Custom Metadata Standard id’s (you can get it from Admin page>>Metadata Fields tab) and fetch desired data to the custom metadata field. 

c. In the Metadata import page, click on Browse file to navigate to the saved Custom Metadata Sheet.
d. Click on Import button.
e. Once the file is successfully uploaded, Update successfully completed message appears. All the mentioned assets will now be updated with the custom metadata imported from the excel sheet.
You can check the metadata tab of all the assets which will now be updated with the new custom metadata details.

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