Does eMAM support Live streaming/Live Capture?

Yes, eMAM version 5.1 and above supports live streaming or live captures. 
eMAM Live supports live capture, logging, edit and delivery of media for corporate and sporting events. eMAM now supports real- time live workflows with SDI and HDMI outputs. Cloud and on-premise systems can capture live feeds, log, edit and deliver media during the capture process. Live recording assets can be ingested, previewed and played real time in eMAM using a third-party player, Net-X-Player (from Drastic Technologies) for the live previews. Real time captures from network IP video sources to TS, MP4, MXF, etc. files are ingested into eMAM and previewed using the Drastic Net X Player that can play the timecoded, frame accurate files, including RTIN real time files during recording. eMAM uses Net-X-Code from Drastic Technologies as a new Transcoder type for ingest and delivery. 

Using POST method in REST API, a new asset is created in eMAM with LIVE flag as true. This API call passes details like original and proxy file locations, http path to RTIN (Real Time Index) file and this asset will be marked as a live asset in eMAM. A new option has been introduced in eMAM Director interface to display the live assets with a “.Live” icon (Live flag true) in the Browse widget. When any Live asset is clicked upon, eMAM loads Drastic Net-X-Player instead of the traditional eMAM HTML5 player and also loads the RTIN as the source to support the LIVE streaming/playback. 
The moment live recording starts, .Live” icon appears on the asset. Live streaming/ recordings are played using Drastic player and are displayed as Live assets with .Live icon. You can create markers and subclips to these live assets and deliver them too. The moment live recoding is over, .Live icon disappears. Live assets are displayed with Drastic player instead of HTML5 player.
It disappears as soon as the live recording stops. There is also an option to force stop the live streaming from the Settings button of the Drastic player. If the stop operation is confirmed, the live assets is converted to a normal eMAM asset.