How to fix - error listing Buckets with BackBlaze issue?

eMAM's  integration with BackBlaze empowers customers with the large scale archive. BackBlaze can be configured as an Archive profile in the eMAM Super Admin Console. While listing the buckets in BackBlaze, if you are encounter any issues, please follow the troubleshooting steps mentioned below:

1. As a primary check, make sure you have entered correct Account ID and Application Key details..
2. If yes, please make sure below conditions are set.
    a. There is an .exe inside C:\Program Files\Empress Media\eMAM Gateway\Lib. eMAM gateway will try to run this .exe as part of the BackBlaze configuration.
    b. eMAM Gateway should have the necessary privilege to run this .exe and make a config file inside C:\Users\emam\.config\rclone. The config file name is -rclone.conf
    c. In order to give necessary permissions, please open IIS and check the eMAM Gateway application pool. (See below image)

    d. Now go to the Application pools and edit the .NET v4.5 Classic or the Application pool which is associated with the eMAM Gateway.
    e. From the Advanced Settings, set the Identity as eMAM or Administrator account.  Make sure eMAM is in the Administrator list and save it. (See Below)

3. Now, go back to eMAM Super Admin interface and try to re configure BackBlaze. 

For any further assistance, please get in touch with eMAM support at