Does eMAM support Single Sign On?

eMAM supports three types of login:
  • Normal login
  • Active Directory login 
  • SSO login
eMAM 5.0 supports Single Sign On (SSO) with Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) identity provider for better security of all its applications. With single sign-on using AD FS, eMAM users can instantly login to different eMAM interfaces without being prompted to enter separate login credentials for each interface thus decreasing the chances of any security breach. eMAM supports Single Sign On feature at various interfaces and applications level such as, eMAM Director, eMAM Client, eMAM Super Admin, eMAM Premiere Panel, eMAM DeskLink and eShare. eMAM users can now directly login to any of the eMAM application with just one login credential in a single online session. 
To know more about Single Sign On feature in eMAM, please contact eMAM Support