How to notify a user about the successful ingestion of an asset through a specific ingest profile?

A brief description on how to enable notification on ingest, we have to add the e-mail address in Ingest Profile's Advanced Settings and then add SMTP details in the ingest manager config file. eMAM brings this feature to inform the user about the successful ingestion of an asset through a specific ingest profile.
This can be configured with a few simple steps mentioned below:
1.Go to Super Admin, edit the required ingest profile, and in the Advanced Settings window, select the Profile Settings tab and activate the "Notify" button, then provide the email address in the space provided for the Notifications. Save the changes.
2. On the Application server, go to C-> Program Files-> Empress Media-> eMAM Ingest Manager and open the file eMAMIngestManager.exe.config using Notepad or Notepad ++.

3. Include SMTP details by adding the following lines under </appSettings>. These must be edited with the corresponding SMTP credentials configured in Superadmin.
  <smtp from="Enter the from address here">
  <network host="Enter the mail server name here" password="Enter the password here" userName="Enter the user name here" port="25"/>
4.Save the configuration file after making the necessary changes, and then restart the Ingest manager service.