How to install ePanel using the Anastasiy's Extension Manager?

Follow steps below to install eMAM Panel using Anastasiy's Extension Manager:
1. To start the installation process, you must first download Anastasiy’s Extension Manager. application This application will simplify the installation process.
     In your Chrome browser,  go to and click on Free download.
2. Select Mac or PC version, based on your local machine type.
3. You will get prompted to save the Extension Manager zip file and the file will be downloaded to your Download folder.
4. Open the folder and the unzip the Extension file and a new folder will appear in your Download folder
5. Before launching this program, know the version of eMAM system and Adobe Premiere Pro application installed on your machine. Also, make sure all the Adobe product windows are closed.
6. Paste this URL into your browser. http://ServerName/emamdirector/premiere/download.htm, (Replace ServerName with IP or Domain name) Download the latest eMAM Premiere Panel on your local machine and the file will be downloaded in the download folder.
7. Now launch the Anastasiy’s Extension Manager- open the Anastasiy’s folder in your download folder.
8. Right click on the Anastasiy’s Extension manager and run as Administrator, click 'Yes' to run the application.
9. Once the Application has been launched, select Premiere Pro CC from the list and click on Install button on the top . Note: Premiere Pro CC will be listed only if you have any previous version has installed on your machine, otherwise it will be blank. Now, browse the download folder and open the eMAMPanel.ZXP file.
10. Once the installation is complete, you will get the below pop up.
11. Launch the Adobe Premiere Pro in your machine. To open eMAM Panel, from the top menu,go to Windows > Extension > eMAM.
If you need further assistance please reach out to eMAM Support.