What are the different types of roles in eMAM?

Depending on the access level, following three types of users have been defined for web based interfaces of eMAM:
  • eMAM Super Administrator: eMAM Super Administrator can create another eMAM Super Administrator, eMAM Unit Administrator and can set and edit the unit features. eMAM Super Administrator can also create and manage organizational units in the eMAM system. eMAM supports multiple units in the system and each unit consists of different set of users, user groups, categories, projects, assets and system settings.
  • eMAM Unit Administrator: A Unit Administrator  is created when a unit is defined for the first time in eMAM system by eMAM Super Administrator. This unit administrator in turn can create and manage more unit administrators who share similar permissions. The eMAM user or customer user uses the application based on the access rights assigned to the user or the user group. There can be more than one unit administrator for a unit. This unit administrator can manage metadata, user accounts, and categories/projects, assign metadata sets to users and groups. They can decide what ingest profiles, delivery profiles and groups users can have access to.
  • eMAM User: eMAM users are created by unit administrators with limited access to eMAM features and they can use the application based on their access rights that are assigned to the user or user group. Users are organized in groups, and can comment, view, share and download assets.