How to shutdown and reboot the eMAM servers?

Follow the steps below, in scenarios where you need to shut down and then reboot the eMAM servers: 

1) Stop all eMAM Services running on the eMAM Application servers. (Before stopping the services, please note the names of the running services on each server because you don't need to run all eMAM services on those services).
Services which are running on eMAM Application server

2) Once all the services are stopped, shutdown the eMAM Application server.

3) From the Web server, stop the IIS service and shutdown the Web server. (In some cases, the Upload Manager is installed in the Web server. For such servers, please stop the Upload Manager service then stop IIS service and  then shut down web server)

To get the IIS click on Run and type "inetmgr" and hit Enter.
  Upload Manager service:(services.msc)

4) Finally, shut down SQL Server.

Reboot: The power-up sequence in just opposite of the above order

1) Start SQL server. Please verify that SQL Server (MSSQLSERVER) service is running on SQL Server when you power-up the server. 

   To verify SQL Server (MSSQLSERVER) service is running on SQL Server please refer the below screenshot: 

2) Start the Web server. Check if IIS service is started. If not start it manually.

3) Start the Application server. Check the list of currently running eMAM services on the eMAM Application servers and start the services accordingly. All our services follow the naming convention like "eMAMArchiveManager, eMAMDeliveryService, etc."