What are permissions and how does it work?

The permissions are granted to user groups to access different features and functionalities of the eMAM system. 
We have 3 tier permission hierarchy in eMAM, 
  • Asset level, 
  • User Group level, 
  • Category level.
  1. Asset level permissions:To manage asset type permissions, click on asset types to view more details on the right-hand side. Video, audio, images, and other files such as office documents, pdf files, Excel sheets etc. are different types of assets, and these assets can be managed using several administrator tools in eMAM. Asset type permissions are first level of permissions set by the eMAM Unit Administrator for a user.
  2. Category level permissions: You can assign permissions under Permissions tab, you can view the list of permissions:
  3. User Group level permissions: eMAM Super Administrator creates and sets the permissions for first unit administrator, who in turn creates other unit administrators or users, and sets permissions for them to limit the accessibility of certain features. They can create different User groups and assign different permissions for each groups. When you create a user, he must me assigned to at least one group. Users cannot exist without a group. Login to eMAM Director>Admin Tools>ManageUsers>>Manage User Groups>Permissions.