eMAM 3.6.1 Release, Aug 2015

This new release of eMAM enables users to work more efficiently and improves all the eMAM products. eMAM 3.6.1 includes new features like Mezzanine workflow,HTML5 uploader, UI enhancements and integrations to make your collaborative workflow better and more user friendly. Some of the upgrades included in this eMAM 3.6.1 version are:

  1. Mezzanine workflow with eMAM:  Adobe Premiere- eMAM now supports mezzanine files (lightweight copy of an original video file) which facilitates post-production process by providing editors and producers with media files that are smaller in size and easy to handle. For this workflow, eMAM can trigger the transcoder to created the intermediate file upon ingest. It is then made available for editors to use in their NLE systems. For example, in Adobe Premiere, eMAM users can see all their assets in the eMAM panel and import the intermediate format to their project. Once the sequence is finalized, editors can re-link the media assets to their original higher resolution formats for export and delivery.

  2. WFS Integration: eMAM now also supports Harmonic WFS transcoder type apart from existing trancoder types such as Harmonic ProMedia Carbon, Command Line, Telestream Vantage etc.

  3. Source video Timecode support: eMAM can now extract the timecode from source videos and set the start timecode as the offset. eMAM HTML5 player will display the starting timecode of the source video.

  4. HTML 5 Uploader:  In eMAM Director interface,users now have option to upload files using File Uploader (HTML5 Uploader).In the Ingest widget, a new tab File Uploader is available, using which users can add/drag & drop files to eMAM.

  5. Sent Messages: Message id in eBIN message changed to readable format.

  6. eMAM Uploader: Included the option to select the ingest profile in HTML 5 uploader.

  7. eMAM Feeder: Design modification for metadata panel of eMAM Feeder.

  8. eBIN: In Director interface, Remove All option has been added to eBIN widget using which users can remove all the assets added to eBIN all at once.

  9. Comments: In Director Interface, all comments made for assets, approval & eBIN are now visible under Comments widget.

  10. iPAD: Added “like” icon in PC iPhone, iPad view in Client interface.

  11. Notify User: Added user notification checkboxes under user management in Super Admin console, for Manage users and Manage Registration forms in eMAM Admin console.

  12. Delete Category: Added permission for purge in Director Interface: A checkbox included for “Delete assets” in the confirmation window before deleting the Category & its sub categories.

  13. eMAM Premiere Panel: Rearranged "Link assets to" dropdown list with other Platform names first and original file names last.

  14. Added help file inside eMAM Feeder for MAC.

  15. UTC time on client machine localized based on that region.

  16. eMAM Feeder can now work with Cluster environment.