eMAM 3.5 Release - May 2014

This new release of eMAM has few significant enhancements & features which not only adds value but also makes it more user friendly. eMAM 3.5 features a new flexible, widget-driven interface that will now be termed the “Director Interface”. Following are the new features that are a part of eMAM 3.5.
1. eMAM New Director is developed for adapting to the new technologies in the industry. The major change in the New Director Interface is the introduction of a widget-driven interface.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GUI_widget
2. eMAM Feeder is now available as a JNLP application
3. eMAM EZ Package
4. eMAM Anywhere Manager- Helps reshape the manner in which team members collaborate, while still maintaining control and versioning at a centralized location
5. Adobe Premiere Pro CC Integration that supports high resolution video editing
6. DPX sequence handling- eMAM can prepare a single H.264 proxy preview for DPX sequence, scan multiple DPX sequences in folders/sub folders, detect DPX sequences, generate a single archive file for a DPX sequence with a link to the proxy files and process dpx files as image sequence from eMAM Feeder.
7. IBeyond EZ Store Integration to take the complexities out of unattended backup, disaster recovery or archive storage
8. BlackPearl Integration to enable users to easily store massive data forever at virtually no cost
9. Archiware P5 archive support in addition to other archive types
10. Folder Indexing- Transcode Manager can now process the files from source location directly. The source computer name along with all the folder structures are indexed in eMAM