eMAM Release 3.1- August 2012

Empress Media Asset Management, LLC announces the release of version 3.1 of eMAMTM digital asset management that offers enhanced features and added capabilities to improve processing time and user experience. Some of these features include master camera ingest, enhanced display of categories and subcategories, additional dashboard options, implementation of FTPs, multiple LDAP authentication, streaming URL, enhanced transcode manager service, improved feeder functionality, logo upload in eBIN, configurable html title, and eSEND enhancements.

Here is a detailed list of new and improved features of eMAMTM 3.1:

1.   eMAM Feeder and eMAM Transcode Manager are now capable of detecting contents from professional cameras and transcode them accordingly. Users can connect their camera or camera memory card to a system where eMAM feeder is installed and drag ’n drop or use the "Add Files" or "Add Folders" buttons in eMAM Feeder to move the contents from camera or camera memory card to eMAM Feeder. The feeder will detect the camera format and also allows user to name the content. eMAM Feeder also ensures that no two contents have the same media name. If a user tries to provide a name that already exists in eMAM feeder, a pop up will generated. The folder structure in camera is maintained in eMAM system. eMAM feeder can now detect contents from AVCHD, XDCAM, XDCAM EX, PANASONIC P2 and ARRI ALEXA.

2.   eMAM now displays categories and sub-categories as folders in dynamic display area.  When user clicks on folder icon, assets and subcategories of category are displayed. New category folder has archive, restore and delivery functionalities.

3.   Delivery dashboard now has Resubmit and Delete options. Users can monitor status of assets queued for delivery operation. Failed assets can be either resubmitted or deleted. Resubmitted assets are queued again for delivery. Delete option removes asset only from delivery queue.

4.   eMAM has implemented FTPs (also known as FTP secure or FTP-SSL) to upload files through eMAM Feeder. This method is more secure as files are encrypted prior to transfer. FTPs includes full support for TLS (Transport Layer security) and SSL(Secure Socket Layer) cryptographic protocols, including use of server-side and client-side authorization certificates. 

5.   eMAM Super Administrators and Unit Administrators now have the authority to enable or disable “Marker” functionality for a unit. 

6.   Multiple LDAP Authentication: eMAM now supports multiple LDAP authentication. Username and password of each eMAM user is validated against different LDAP servers in the order in which LDAP servers are configured in eMAM gateway. Authenticated Users will automatically inherit different level of permissions as set by eMAM Unit Administrator. 

7.   Streaming URL incorporated for all eMAM Players: Preview, marker, subclips, client preview, approval and eBIN. Streaming URL offers frame accuracy (seek bar coincides exactly over the marker position) when placing markers on video time line. Video can be played without interruption as play back can be started before the file has been transmitted to the client browser. It also allows user to skip to next frame, and allows user to serve more streams with less bandwidth. 

8.   eMAM Transcode Manager Service Enhancement: If transcoding of any file fails, eMAM Transcode Manager automatically retries transcoding. Retry interval and retry count is configured by eMAM Super Administrator. 

9.   Introduced ‘Create Category from Folder’ option in eMAM Feeder Settings: Feeder users now have an option to automatically create category from folders that are ingested into eMAM through eMAM Feeder. When folders are ingested into eMAM through eMAM Feeder, categories are created in a way that the folder structure of ingested folder is maintained. If ingested folder contains subfolders, subcategories are also created under the parent category. 

10. Public tags for assets ingested through eMAM Feeder: “Tags” option in Edit Metadata window has been modified. Now, tags selected by user at the time of ingesting files will get attached as public tags to the files, and can be seen and used by other users as well. 

11. Show the Archive and Restore Progress in Dashboard: Data transferring progression is now shown as percentage in the dashboard. 

12. In eBIN message, user now has an option to upload logo with a size of up to 650* 75 pixels. 

13. Enhanced Category Name Field: eMAM users can now create categories with names upto 260 characters in length. However, only first 50 characters are displayed in the name field. User can view full name of the category as mouse over tool tip. 

14. HTML title in all eMAM pages are configurable items: Earlier, a static title was being displayed in all the pages of eMAM. Now this title can be configured dynamically and this will be shown as the page title. Users can configure page title for all eMAM Applications (eMAM Director, eMAM Client, eMAM Mobile).

15. eSEND enhancements have been done in eMAM Director and Client Interfaces:

·    Improved eSEND functionality- eMAM Super Administrator can now enable or disable eSEND feature for a unit. The option can be disabled in eMAM Client Interface without disabling the full eBIN feature. 

·    eSEND permissions introduced at user group, category and asset type level in the eMAM Director Interface. The feature can now be restricted to specific users, assets and asset types.

·    eSEND restriction option in Client Preferences in eMAM Director Interface.

·    eSEND button introduced in asset preview window. This functionality allows users to directly send eBIN message from preview window of the asset

·    Permission alerts when sending eBIN messages- When user tries to send assets that do not have required permission, an alert message is displayed. User then has three options: Send Anyway, Remove From eBIN and Cancel.

Send Anyway: Assets in eBIN with necessary eSEND permissions are sent, while those without necessary permissions remain in eBIN.

Remove from eBIN: Assets that do not have eSEND permission are removed from eBIN

      Cancel: Discards the process.