Can I share my video assets? How secure are these assets while sharing?

Embed option generates a code which can be used to play video in other sites using eMAM player. It can be used to :

  • To generate embed HTML code that can be placed inside HTML pages.
  • To generate a URL link to share video file with other users.
Users can copy and paste this URL in any browser to watch videos. This feature is available only for the video assets in both the eMAM Director as well as eMAM Client Interfaces.

To share the video assets:

eMAM Director: Under Embed widget, select the skin type, choose the settings parameters and click on Get Embed button. Now click on Share button and choose the medium of share from Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Main, Facebook.

eMAM ClientDouble click on the video asset -> click 'Embed' -> click 'Get Embed' to get the video embed code -> click 'Share' to get the player URL.

eMAM provides a secure embed code (the encrypted string of the “Video Embed Code”) that protects your video assets from external threats. The encrypted code safeguards your video assets or any details related to these assets from external threats.