What is an approval? What is the difference between internal approval and external approval?

Approval is a process by which you can send your assets for approval to another eMAM user (internal approval) or externally as a link to someone without access to eMAM (external approval) using Approval widget. 

In internal approval, you are authorized to send approval request to someone within your group. Also, there is a hierarchy for internal approval. An eMAM administrator can send approval request only to another eMAM administrator. Normal users can send the approval request to other normal users and administrators. 

In external approval, you can send approval request to anyone outside your group. The recipient doesn’t have to be a member of eMAM. Once you send an approval request, the recipient gets notified via e-mail about the request. The recipient can approve or reject the asset along with a comment or can forward the same approval to some other user under his or her group (applicable only to internal approval). You can view the comments in the history tab.

Once the recipient confirms the request, the same is notified to the sender via e-mail.