Task IDTypeDescription
10448TaskChanges in Super Admin to enable eMAM Default proxy for Premiere editing.
10696TaskRename “Downloadable” to “Download” for both eSend and eShare
10768TaskInclude UUID in eMAM Dashboard for Ingest, Archive, Cloud and Delivery.
11909TaskChanges in Director to make project collections dropdown listing alphabetically.
11921Change RequestChange assigned users panel from right to left side in user group settings.
11858Change RequestHide lambda server option for instant asset profiles.
11924Change RequestRename "Asset Metrics" label to "Asset Metrics (Beta)" in Director Admin tools.
11925Change RequestRename "InstantAssetIngest" label to "InstantAssetIngest (Beta)" in Super Admin.
11935BugJavascript error popups if project widget is not present in Director workspace.
11946BugMissing entries found in resource files in eMAM Director.
11956BugJavaScript error pops up if History widget present in workspace : Error Code:15310101 Error Message:ReferenceError: hideLoader is not defined
11905BugError while Ingesting - FFMPEG Cloud Only workflow.
11923BugThe total duration on the asset metrics page is wrong.(023-293767E5-0007)
11699BugWhen we maximize the Preview widget the overlay message is no longer displayed on the asset(23B-286D6798-000A)