What is Force Check-In?

"Force Check-In" as the name implies, means force checking in a already checked-out project. The user who checked out this project or an admin has right to Force Check-In the checked out project.
 After the Force Check-in, when you try to import that project, you can see a version note gets automatically added "Version forced Checked-in"

Below are scenarios where Force Check-In option can be used:
  1. If your current project export gets stuck or corrupted due to any kind of errors from settings side or technical issues or bandwidth issues or any panel errors. Here you can Force Check-In this checked out project.
  2.  If the project is checked out by another user, and he/she is not available now to work on the project or you want to reassign the project to a different user. Here you can force check-in the project, so the other user can check-out the project and start working on it.