How to rectify issues with the installation of panels on BigSur OS?

In OS-X, when a user upgrades the system from old version to Big Sur, few issues (panel config file permissions) occur while installing eMAM panels using the App Manager.
The config file and folder's read and right permissions are locked to the 'system' user; and therefore the App Manager or the Adobe panels cannot alter the configurations in these files.

Here the user needs to either remove or rename or move these configuration files from the users/shared folder after upgrading to Big Sur.
Here are the steps you can follow.

1. Complete the working projects and export them back to eMAM.
2. Update the OS-X to Big Sur
3. After the upgrade Go to /Users/shared.
4. Create a new folder and copy all the existing config files in to it. Say the new folder is named  'OLD_CONFIG'
5. Move the following files from Users/Shared to OLD_CONFIG 

a. settings.json
e. eMAMPPROPanel.zxp,eMAMAEFTPanel.zxp,eMAMIDSNPanel.zxp,eMAMPHXSPanel.zxp,


6. Now launch the App Manager and install the required panels.
7. Enter the server name, user details etc.
8. Configure the panel settings and save it.