Adobe Common Extensibility Platform - CEP 11 upgrade

The latest version of Adobe tools, After Effects v18.4.1 and Premiere Pro v15.4.1, etc uses Common Extensibility Platform (CEP) version 11. eMAM system must be upgraded to 5.2.18 to extend the support for CEP 11 and the latest version of Adobe applications.

CEP 11 application versions start from



Premiere Pro


After Effects








If you have Adobe applications that are at lower versions than the above table, please upgrade that to CEP 11 version.
 Note: Keeping both the 2020 and 2021 versions of adobe products on the same machine can lead to unforeseen problems.
 Please follow the steps below after upgrading the Adobe applications versions to CEP 11.
   1) Please remove the current eMAM panel extensions using eMAM App Manager. 

   To accomplish this, open the eMAM App Manager and click on the remove button.


2) Remove the Panel configuration folders.

Eg: Premiere panel configuration folder path below,
       Windows: C:\Users\Public\eMAMPPRO_CONFIG

      Mac: /Users/Shared/eMAMPPRO_CONFIG


3) Clear the Adobe cache.

        Windows : C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Local\Temp\cep_cache\

         Mac : /Users/<USERNAME>/Library/Caches/CSXS/cep_cache/


4) Uninstall the eMAM App Manager from your computer.


5) Please open the Adobe CreativeCloud application and uninstall CEP 10 versions of Premiere, After Effects, etc if exist. Please see below,



Scroll down and make sure no old versions exist in the system,



Once it is completed, you can see only the 2021 folder. If you see the 2020 folder, please take the Creative cloud and recheck for older versions.


Windows: C:\Program Files\Adobe



Mac: Applications



6) Download and install the new eMAM App Manager from eMAM Director interface. After that, install the new eMAM panel using the App Manager.


7) While using Premiere/AE, please make sure the Media Encoder is running already. We should keep the Media Encoder opened while exporting projects from Premiere/AE. 


8) Resync the presets to get the AME 2021 preset paths updated.




 If you see CEP 10 for the Premiere and AE panel, please stop and remove the 2020 version of AE/Premiere before proceeding. 


If you are seeing the below CEP version, then we are good and we can move forward.



** Kindly drop an email to in case if you need any technical assistance from our side.