Hansard workflow and configurations.

Hansard workflow and configurations.

Basic Hansard Making process.

User is delivering the XML to the delivery folder location by using the workflow.

By selecting the asset from Browse widget and change the Metadata filed from the Metadata widget which leads to trigger the workflow.

Once the file reached in the delivery location, XML watcher is triggered and it is passing the XML file to the ccResync application.

ccResync is creating the VTT file and calling eMAM API to update the VTT file back to the asset.


In order to create the workflow first we have to create the Metadata field and associate that filed to Metadata group and Metadata set.

eMAM Director -> ADMIN TOOLS -> Manage Metadata. While creating the Metadata filed select the field type as 'LIST' and provide the list values as shown in the below figure.

Next is to create Delivery profile. In order to create the Delivery profile login to eMAM Superadmin (http://localhost/eMAMSuperAdmin) and select Delivery profiles under the Delivery tab.

While creating Delivery profile make sure Include sidecar file option is enabled. Please find the below sample XML structure.

<hansardpath>\\\Ingest\Hansard_DOC\%CUST_FLD_HANSARD DOCUMENT NAME_22%</hansardpath>

Create workflow from super Admin under the tab workflow.

If we are facing any issue we have to check the below steps to solve this Hansard delivery issue.

Go through the eMAM Rest API call for the last update. And also got through the ccResync application logs then compare it.

Check the Drastic configuration whether the eMAMserver key was added in the config.

 Check the authentication is added. For that we will also need to set up the OAuth2/Token server address at /MediaReactor/OAuth2/<eMAMServer>, or in this case the key would be /MediaReactor/OAuth2/janus/. 

To set up the authentication, you will need to create a JSON file in a text editor that will be used when connecting to the eMAM server. This file must have the same name as the server (in this case mam.json) and must be placed in the following location