What all info can be viewed under the Metadata widget?

The Metadata widget is used to store searchable information about the assets. It displays the asset’s info, embedded metadata, custom metadata and tags for the selected asset. eMAM can hold any number of metadata fields, and they are all searchable. Therefore, assigning relevant titles, authors, descriptions, custom metadata and tags to an asset will make search of that asset much easier and can also properly trigger automated workflows. Users can Update/Change only Title, Description, author, Metadata Set fields, Category of an asset and SOM (Start Of Media).
  • Info tab: Info tab displays below information about an asset. Title, Description, Author and Metadata Set can be edited.   After editing, the user must click UPDATE button to save the changes.
  • Embedded Metadata: Embedded metadata is extracted by the system at ingest and is non-editable. These are technical and camera information about an asset, including file name, format, and size, bit rate, format information etc. 
  • Tags: eMAM can hold any number of searchable tags for an asset to aid search. The tags may be public, for all users, or private, usable only by the user creating it. The user can type in the text box and a list of suggestions gets auto populated (search as you type). Select the desired one (if already added as a tag) and click ADD to save the tag either as Public or Private. Previously created tags can be edited using the pencil icon or deleted using the box.
  • Custom Metadata: Custom metadata fields are specific for the needs of the organization and how it organizes information. Using Admin Tools widget, metadata fields can be created and grouped as metadata group & metadata sets which gets displayed here under Metadata widget. Based on the Metadata Set selected in the Info tab, Metadata group tabs displayed will differ (as shown below).